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Posted on Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 10:30pm CST by 181606cc

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I was forced to check-in my carry-on luggage at Nagoya Chubu airport and had to pay the extra baggage fee at $250 which is extremely expensive. The local representative insisted my baggage is over-weighted but I was able to carry it onboard from Taipei to Nagoya. And I did observe other customers carrying more than 2 heavy bags in the same flight and also economy class. It is frustrating that JAL has inconsistent treatments among customers and airports. If I was informed the carry on is over-weighted at the first place then I would have been able to avoid this situation without paying a high cost of extra fee. When I wrote to JAL, it took almost a month for them to reply and refused to make any amendment to this frustrating customer experience. Although their in-flight service is very good, I do not intend or suggest anyone to take JAL just because you might need to pay extra 25% or more of your flight ticket price to such unexpected incident.


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