Jewelry Television - JTV AUCTIONS ARE A RIP OFF

Posted on Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 10:37am CST by f2326b11


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The Auction site is just a rip-off. I won a 3ct Ruby for $26.99 plus s/h of $6.99. Got my congradulations you won e-mail, and my order invoice. After 12 days they cancelled saying the ruby was to damaged to send. Yea! Right! They send out damaged stuff all the time. Why would it take 12 days to notice this badly damaged stone? So, I have been watching that auction site for rubies and they are not puting 3ct loose gemstones on there, WHY because they don't want people to win any big ticket item for a few dollars. Today, all the rubies I saw were under a ct. WHAT RIP OFFS, DON'T BID ON JTV AUCTIONS, THEY DO NOT DELIVER............


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52d2d793, 2009-11-11, 02:02PM CST

The JTV Auction site presents abundant opportunities for consumers to access a large quantity and broad variety of jewelry and gemstones; quite often at super bargain prices. Shoppers are looking for a deal and they can pretty much bid what they are willing to pay for an item and may walk away with a good buy. People research items and do comparative shopping and rarely bid more than the item is worth. It is the business risk accepted by JTV and we welcome everyone to participate. Smart shoppers can get high-end items at bargain prices. A minimum bid can be established as a mechanism to boost the sales price. During the order fulfillment process, the item may be obviously defective, and the order cancelled.

dacff358, 2009-11-12, 10:14AM CST

What are you talking about. If we win an auction, we should get our item. This happened more than one time, it happened 3 times in 5 mos. to me. As far as bidding, I don't need advice from you. Most of the bidders bid more than the sale price on your website. Teach them! JTV Action is a rip-off, I know it, you know it, and I will make sure I keep telling all!! You have no problem mailing out those cheap wins like topaz, quartz, etc. Win a 3 ct. ruby and it all of a sudden is damaged! Sure. You have no problem taking $30.00 for a item that sales for only $19.99 on your website. AGAIN FRAUDS, LIARS AND CHEATERS AT JTV....

929e6ba7, 2010-01-26, 09:14PM CST

I was just done the same way at jtv I won a ring for 17.00 the sent me congrats and then a email acceptance I waited it was to come by my birthday it did not so I checked it was declined but I never was sent any email to say why so i could fix whatever it was thaT WAS WRONG they just did nothing at all!

I complained they said oh well its the computer I said well the computer sent me 2 emails saying I won and 1 about when to expect my ring why when something was wrong did it not send one so i could call and find out what was wrong? They said well we have 35 of the rings you can have one ....AT FULL PRICE....I said NO thank you....after all I have a perfered jtv credit card I could charge it to that....

2be4f0e7, 2010-02-17, 10:05AM CST

I completely agree that JTV is a rip-off. I think the post above me is ridiculous. No one's talking about JTV's overall prices. It's about the auction. If they post an item, then they NEED to follow through and deliver it! I won a garnet 8 days ago for $1 and I am STILL waiting for them to send it. I have called four times already and nothing. They said two days ago that a supervisor sent an email to the auction department and that's all they can do. Big deal. I don't need emails, I need them to take my stone, stick it in an envelope, and mail it. This is absolutely unacceptable and I imagine that in a few days they are just going to cancel my order like they did to the people above. JTV auctions are an absolute rip-off.

565ead08, 2011-01-01, 06:57PM CST

Just wondering, don't they know the item is defective from the get go? Also I am thinking only less than perfect items go to auction. Perfect jewelry is never marked down. Due to rarity they command top dollar and get it.

364870f8, 2011-03-17, 12:45PM CDT

I also "won" an auction for a 3ctw plus 10K ruby ring at 1/2 price. after 3 months and numerous contacts I was told the ring was damaged, JTV attempted to find another one, but no luck. I asked about getting a similar ring at 1/2 price. No way.

I was able to have JTV verbally tell me I would have 10% off my next one item if I called in and did not use the web site. I have not try this yet.

I have received some nice items on Auction.

I have a problem with items that do not arrive and trying to get a replacement or refund. So far 1 item is not resolved after 3-4 months. JTV could not find the claim form mailed back and are now resending.

Getting refunds for damaged items also takes up to 2 months, but JTV knows how to charge on the same day an item is charged.

b41ad14f, 2011-05-06, 12:41AM CDT

I have been winning actions on jtv and they have never cancelled an item that I have won. I have been very happy with the items that I have won...including Rubies & Emerals.

8eea1302, 2011-07-01, 09:48PM CDT

I have received ALOT of things, jewelery, rings, loose stones, etc., and NEVER received anything damaged or not of good quality. I am VERY happy with JTV.

4a850e69, 2011-11-28, 05:41PM CST

I've been winning auctions at JTV for years. Have rec'd some really great buys on some beautiful jewelry. I've never had a cancellation and have always been more than satisfied with my purchase. I love JTV and will keep on recommending them to others and buying from them.

ad3304a1, 2012-02-18, 07:27AM CST

I have never had a problem with them delivering & I've gotten some very nice stuff. If you read the terms & policy it says just because you won a bid JTV does not have to accept the bid. Deb

8cb9a0c0, 2012-06-03, 05:10PM CDT

I do not know what every one is crying about,I couldnt be happier with jtv auctions.I have won so many amazing things for next to nothing.The best one so far was a pendent that is on jtvs site for $399.99 I won it for $75.00.I thought I was going to get a mangled,chiped mess in the mail but nothing that I could see was wrong with it.I always cheack jtv for the selling price of an item befor bidding,some dumb***** pay 10,20or30$ more for an auction item that they could get for less on the web site and it would be garenteed to be perfict.Anyway I have won some great things at stupid prices Im talking $1.00 for $80.00 stones. ethiopian opals are a fav to win for pennies on the dollar.Also only one item out of about 150 had a small little crack that I only saw with my loop

743656a0, 2015-04-16, 02:36PM CDT

I'm very sad to find out that jtvs auction site is no longer open. The jtv auction site is how I grew my extensive, beautiful,and absolutely awesome gem stone collection. I've won some really amazing gems and jewelry from this site,most of the time paying next to nothing( $1.00) for many gems form topaz to tanzanite. If I added up the amount I paid and the price that was on the jtv site I saved almost 99% . I have a large collection of Ethiopin opals all thanks to the auctions. Anyway I'm very sad that the auction site is no more?

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