- Amazon Bait and Switch Gold Box Deal

Posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at 7:52pm CST by e7febea4

Product: XBox 360 deal with Amazon gift card


Location: US

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As I patiently sat with a timer in front of me for their gold box deal of the hour, I clicked on it when it flipped, had it in my shopping cart (you can tell by the "8" in the end of the price). I then proceeded to go through check out (in less than 30 seconds I might add because I was in Amazon's data based with a stored credit card). They sent the confirmation to my email. I didn't even take the time to print the order when it popped up before I hit pay because I felt time was of the essence. Little did I know how much that was true! Much to my surprise I found in my email the price $199.99 and no $100 gift card which was part of the "deal." I then called customer service and they were unsympathetic and useless. I had to argue for them to cancel my order.

I am NOT an idiot. I know what was in my cart and for it to take me ALL THE WAY THROUGH payment, take my money and then sub the item without the "deal" is the worst form of bait and switch. A less savvy buyer might not have known until the item arrived at their door with no gift card.

They did canceled the order, after I spoke with a supervisor, but the entire process left a bad taste in my mouth. This truly is's loss since my personal wish for Christmas this year was a Kindle. This would have linked me to Amazon where I would have spent hundreds on books through Amazon this year.

I am off to research which other brand of electronic reader is similar enough. I refuse to continue to do business with an unethical company and channel dollars into their pocket. In this marketplace, I do not understand this type of business behavior.


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