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Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 5:52pm CST by 50bea6bd

Product: Dryer repair

Company: A&E Factory Service (Div. of Sears Brands, LLC)

Location: 1300 Lewis Henna Blvd.
Round Rock, TX, 78664, US

URL: http://www.aefactoryservice.com/

Category: Other

I contacted A&E in September because my clothes dryer was not heating. The sent a techician on Sep. 23 to make repairs. The tech. said he replaced the fuse (charging me $138.03 for the visit and $27 for the fuse), but did not leave the old part.

Within a day, the problem was back. A&E sent another tech. on Sep. 28 and since there was no proof the fuse was ever replaced, A&E refunded the cost of the replacement fuse. At that time, the tech. replaced the igniter ($58.38 for the part). The dryer was heating when he left.

The next day, it stopped working again. A&E sent another technician on Oct. 19. He said the coils must be bad, and replaced them (cost: $30.06). The dryer was working when he left.

The next day, it stopped working. A&E sent another technician on Oct. 23. He said the gas valve was bad, and ordered a new valve (cost: $168.06). He said to call when the part was delivered and they would schedule another tech. to come out. The part arrived Oct. 26 and A&E sent a tech on Oct 28. He installed the gas valve, but the igniter failed to come on. He said that the igniter was a fragile part, and he may have damaged it when he removed it to replace the gas valve. He ordered another igniter (no cost: under warranty) and said to call for a technician when the igniter arrived.

The igniter arrived on Nov. 2. A&E scheduled a tech. visit for Nov. 5 (today). No tech. showed up. A&E called and said the tech could not make it. Their explanation was: no technician was available. They transferred me over to "Customer Interaction" who put me on hold for a long time, then without explanation transferred me to Dispatch, who was not expecting a call from a customer, but normally is called by A&E personnel. The dispatcher told me that the technician "ran out of time" according to their computer record. She scheduled me for a service call on Nov. 9, but added me to a waiting list in case anyone cancelled Nov. 6 or 7.

Note that A&E (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sears Brands, LLC) apparently does not keep time available in their schedule to allow them to handle the time overruns that would normally occur in that kind of business, which they should be quite aware of.

It's simply money saved to them, and they seem not to make an allowance for the customer.

My complaint is that the service appears to be performed incompetently, without diagnosing the problem needing repair, and taking the approach of replacing part after part, even causing newly replaced parts to fail, because they seemed to not really know what they needed to fix.

They could have told me "We really don't know how to repair this model dryer. Please find another repair service."

But they did not. That appears dishonest and deceptive, resulting in unnecessary cost to me. I have paid about two-thirds of the cost of a new dryer now, and I still do not have a working dryer. How much more is this going to cost? A&E can't tell me that

because they still seem to have no idea what the problem is, and they have not sent someone out who knows how to find that out, but they are willing to keep selling me parts and wasting my time with incompetent repairs.


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