- Music Licensing Gone Wild

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 at 7:27am CST by 1be76836


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This is another RIAA scam - only now they are seriously ripping off anyone who wants to actually learn the songs.

The software is free. It's actually pretty good. But you are screwed unless you buy the actual MP3 - ON TOP of purchasing the MusicNotes product.

For your $6.95, you will get a midi version of the song you choose (if they even have it), along with sheet music and a program that shows you what notes to play - sort of.

There are a bunch of rules that go along with this paid crapware. Like - and get this - only one person can use the purchased song at a time? WTF?!?

For REAL giggles, check out their "Free" offerings (most of which are long since expired)

Notice anything?

Yeah, that's the same "Old MacDonald" song that you sang in kindergarten. Too bad you missed out on it when it was a free download huh? GMAFB


The software is free, and it's alright. It ran well on my computer so I'm not going to trash it. But the limitations are effin' stupid. Nevermind the fact that they don't even include the actual stinking song - even though they are charging (nearly) a full album price for what you do get! AVOID - IT'S A SCAM


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