Roofs-R-Us - Shady Contractor

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 10:56am CST by 2bfee76c

Company: Roofs-R-Us

Location: MERIDEN, CT, 06450, US

Category: Building, Construction

I hired "Roofs R Us" to replace roof and exsiting stairway at Green Lodge of Manchester where I am the administrator. The roof was completed satisfactorily in May 2009. We hired them to do the stairs as well because part of the previous walkway had to be removed to do the roof. It was of most importance for this to be done in a speedy time. He tored down the rest of the stairway and damaging the house in process, and he hadn't gone to the town and got the permit to do the job yet. Manchester denied the permit due to no adaquate drawing of job. What he should have done first is to hire an architect which we had to now pay for. After several flawed designs we obtained a permit to start construction. We paid for the lumber and paid for half the cost of the job. Construction started on what they claimed in contract would be a twelve day job. After job was started the stairs were not built to code and had multiple violations, the town building ispector put a stop work order on the job. The contractors took down and rebuilt many parts of the stairs many times. The contratctor fired these incompetant workers and hired two pairs of other new men that were also incompetent. Finally, the fourth set of carpenters were good workers. These men had to tear down the newly built stairs because of such poor workmanship. They only worked two days before Shady contractor comes to me for more money. He demands more money before the job is completed and we have already paid 90% of the final cost. We denied him and he pulled the two new men off the job and threatens to sue us for breach of contract. Now here we stand with his dumpster in our yard still, most of the lumber cut up in little pieces and thrown in the dumpster. And now we are looking for a new contractor.


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