American Dream Vacations - American Dream Vacations A Rip Off

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 8:54am CST by 19df6443

Product: Travel Trailers

Company: American Dream Vacations

Location: 12961 North Freeway I-45, Bldg. B
HOUSTON, TX, 77060, US


Category: Travel, Vacations

I rented a trailer from the Houston location and returned it on the 5th. My whole trip was ruent because the trailer had leaks, that wet both beds. The sink was stopped up and no shower curtain and only 3 shower curtain hangers. The Comode would not flush. The trailer was completely unusable. I have still not received my deposit back , and no compensation for the rent. This a normal occurrence with this company?

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60719260, 2010-09-14, 02:35PM CDT

BEWARE - I rented a travel trailer from the Houston location, and when I got to the campground, the pin for the jack stand was sheared and would not lower the jack. I finally got it to drop but it would not go back up when time to leave on Sunday. Had to use my car jack to get my hitch ball under the trailer hitch. I spent a good 45 min on each occasion dealing with these problems and I got zero apology out of these people. Then to add insult to injury, they wrote me up for what looked to be tree limb scratches on the right side of the trailer, which were there, but I had no idea where they came from, as I was the only driver and I never drove through any trees. Nonetheless, I agreed I was responsible since the trailer was in my possession when the damaged appears to have occurred. Now, two weeks later, they still have my deposit, and are now saying that there were scratches on both sides of the trailer, which there were not when I returned it. They want an additional $115 on top of the $200 deposit I already paid. This is a scam on the rental return inspections, and I would warn anyone who rents from this location to beware.

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