Ariana Commerce Corporation - is a Scam

Posted on Sunday, November 29th, 2009 at 12:29pm CST by 010d2a33

Product: Software Programs

Company: Ariana Commerce Corporation

Location: US office: Ariana Commerce Corporation P.O. Box 691703 Los Angeles, CA 90069 Phone: 310-492-5516 310-492-5516 Fax: 310-388-1482 email: [email protected] UAE Office: Havash International P. LLC Sheikha Mariyam Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Ca, 90069, US


Category: Other

Order Number: 2794

Order Date: Sunday, 30 August 2009

I have not received my product. After receiving my cash in form of a check $117.50. Ariana Corp, has not returned any of my inquires. Hitechgate does not reveal address or telephone #'s but after investigating, they operate under the following companies:-

After several attempts to contact them regarding my order, they would not reply. I wrote emails to Ariana Corp and they too did not reply.

I have sent a complaint to BBB. Please help!! I found other complaints about them on the website. Customers complained they were ripped off and no product was received. When they inquire by email, there is no reply. Hitechgate gives no key codes or product #'s for the software they offer. Products seem to come from the parent company in dubai but website has no contact information. Payment is made through Ariana corp in the US and then hitechgate contacts you by email. They are stealing $$$ from customers and not delivering the products people purchased. They need to be investigated and shut down!!


b2955647, 2010-04-15, 12:41PM CDT

I have bought several programs from them. They seem to be Pirated software several of the programs work great for a while however you cannot update them or they get shut down. They are located in Iran and unreachable by the American citizen.

2ae4e874, 2010-06-17, 06:02PM CDT

This complaint should have been directed to hitechgate as we are a separate entity and not their agent or responsible for their clients. We only acted as a transaction service instead of direct pay. Our company "Ariana commerce Corp." does not sell software products. For this order placed with Hitechgate, an online business, "Ariana Commerce Corp." refunded $117.50 the full amount since we acted as a third party for their transaction. Problem Solved!

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