S&J Coin Laundry - Disrespectful, Rude, Undeserving of Business

Posted on Sunday, November 29th, 2009 at 7:35pm CST by 34542be0

Product: Coin Operated Laundry

Company: S&J Coin Laundry

Location: 5542 Maple Ave, Suite A
Dallas, TX, 75235, US

Category: Other

This place of business is managed by boorish and contemptuous employees. Please allow me to relate my experience so that you may judge for yourself.

I walked into this coin operated laundry with two goals in mind: I needed to convert some cash to quarters, and I was hoping to suss out a place of business for my sister to use, as she had just moved into the area.

Perhaps I innocently did not realize, having never been in a coin operated laundry before, that such a place of business might take exception to anyone using their cash-to-quarters machines without the intention of using their facilities as well. For that, I am willing to take responsibility, and I would have understood and complied with denials of service under those circumstances.

Let me relate the events that actually occurred, however. My boyfriend and I walked into this place of business and were immediately confronted by a man who demanded to know our purpose in being there. We requested a cash-to-coin machine, and one second later he was in my boyfriend's face, demanding that we leave under threat of his calling the police. Quite stunned, I asked the reason for his rude behavior, and we were regaled with threats, insults, and demands that we leave his premises. Of course he had the legal right to request this course of behavior, which we followed - but after he ripped the door open on my pinky toe as he shoved me physically outside, crushing it and potentially threatening my ability to run a relay marathon in two weeks.

At no time did we raise our voices, except when I expressed shock and bewilderment at how we were being treated. I can see no reason for any business to treat any customers in such a monumentally disrespectful and downright rude manner, and indeed I have never been treated in such a way.

What was the most shocking about this behavior was how thoroughly unprovoked it was - there was no quiet request for us to leave or polite denial of service preceding this outrageous outburst, and we walked in smiling, with friendly attitudes and no intention whatsoever to cause harm or ill feelings. And although we were dressed in weekend casual wear, my boyfriend and I are both respectful, productive members of society with many achievements in our past and many aspirations which we are currently working to attain. We are by no means degenerates of society.

I emphatically recommend that nobody do business with these people, if only to reinforce societal values against such flagrant exploitation and disrespect of customers.


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