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Resp Sir,

Sub: Complaint of fraud and using illegal means against VODAFONE

If a Mobile is switched on and has full network then incoming call should be received.

But even if we have a full network we still donot get a call.

Instead we get an sms asking us to send "GET" to 53303 to get details after 15 mins or 1 hr.

And my cell is on my desk the whole day and i receive many calls.

And at the time that is mentioned in the sms my cell was free and had full network.

This sms itself notifies that we had a missed call at so and so time.

This sms costs Rs.3.

So sir if my battery and network is full then I should directly get a call. They are cheating customers openly now.

I want to file a case. What are the expenses involved?

And this is happening to all my 4 billing numbers and to many of my friends too who are vodafone customers I can provide you with their contact also.

You can verify.

But first i need to file a case so pls help me out.

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Gaurav M., 2013-10-10, 02:51AM CDT

Dear Rajashree,

Thanks for your mail. I regret to inform you though, the 30% discount offered is rather insulting to me. I am not asking for discount. I am asking to revoke the false charges altogether!!!

I have been using the service for close to 15 years now and have contributed to huge revenue on Vodafones part.

I have been cheated and taken advantage of for being an old customer.

Over the past 2-3 years, I have been using yearly internet plan and pay for it annually also. Suddenly one fine day Vodafone decides to disconnect my yearly subscription and switch me over to open usage rates when I have not even asked for it. I have not been informed or taken authorization for disconnection of yearly plan or activation of full rate usage.

You can see in the account details that I have been using data services for the last few years, yet your representatives insist that there was and is no data plan active on my number. I find this highly questionable and dishonest.

I am really shocked and appalled by the business ethics employed by a supposedly consumer driven company.

Once again, I will not be held responsible for your internal miscommunication and dishonest methods.

I am attaching the mail I sent to you and a few other consumer protection organizations.

I really do not wish to waste any more time on this issue since it has already been pending for almost 2 months now. I hope you do not force me to consult my legal department or escalate the issue on social media sites and gather more vodafone consumers who have been duped and cheated in a similar way.

I hope you can reverse the fraudulent charges immediately and restore my phone services to its usual setting.


Mr. Mardia.

Dear Sir,

I regret to let you know that I am suffering from the worst kind of customer service from Vodafone than I've ever experienced in my life.

The charges mentioned on my account are fraudulent and false and I will not be liable to pay for Vodafones errors/mistakes/frauds.

Relationship No- 1.5011367

Mobile No- 9833501860

I have called my relationship manager more than 15 times and with no resolution of the problem. Every time I am assured that I will receive a call 'within 24 hours" and till date I am still to receive any calls from Vodafone.

I have been falsely charged the amount of Rs. 7538.97, which has now increased even more with your fraudulent charges; under the pretext that I had called up vodafone 6 months in advance and asked for deactivation of my internet plan 6 months into the future and apparently Vodafone took my request for 6 months in the future. This is the kind of unbelievable lies I was told by the representative. Shocking as it sounds, it is complete lies.

On calling again, I was told a different story that there was some technical error on vodafone side and they messed up the data account and did not switch me over to the plan renewal and instead decided without my knowledge or permission to deactivate my currently used data plan and charge me full data rates without any plan.

It has now been over a month and several calls from my side with no resolution. As frustrating and appalling as Vodafone has made the situation, I would like a final resolution of the problem or a switchover to another service provider.


Mr. Mardia.

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