Hewlett Packard

Posted on Saturday, November 28th, 2009 at 2:58pm CST by 9c679986

Product: HP Pavillion Entertainment PC

Company: Hewlett Packard

Location: 3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA, 94304, US

URL: http://www.hp.com/

Category: Other

First off I got a computer that is a complete lemon. It is a year and a half old and I have had 3rd major break downs. I have had numerous software problems vista which is all I need to say on that subject)I was able to fix on my own. But I have had 3 hardware problems and HP refuses to replace the computer. I called and tried to make a complaint with the corporate office and was told that I have to have the same 3 hardware problems to get a replacement. When I asked to speak to a supervisor about my problem they told me the supervisor would tell me the same thing & refused to allow me to speak to anyone else. So now back to my current problem it has been almost a month now that I have been having the current hardware problem which is the disk drive door will not open and I need to send it in for repairs. First of all the tech support number you have to call is in the Philippines so even though English is spoken it sounds broken and they are hard to communicate with. When it was determined 3 weeks ago that my computer needed to be sent in they told me they would send me a box, I asked them if I could use the box from the last time they sent it to me and they said no a new one would have to be sent to me. About 3 days later a Fedex guy showed up to pick up my computer and I told him I did not even have a box yet. I waited a few more days for the box and when it did not arrive I called HP back and they gave me a tracking# for Fedex and told me to deal with them. The 2nd week I worked with Fedex they told me that HP still had not sent them the box to wait a few days and call them back. Speaking with them again still no box. Week 3 was dealing with HP again I was told the order had been set up wrong, they had put in the oomputer that I was to ship it to them in my own box and they have been waiting for me to send it in. Now they are turning it around & telling me something different when I have been talking to them & and fedex about waiting for them to send me the box? So after this mess up they said they would have to cancel this order and I would have to call back on Monday to generate a new order because I could not have 2 open orders on my account on the same issue and this one needs time to close out. So now I am waiting for another week to roll around so I can start from square one again. So my major compaints are not that I got a bad computer, I understand that sometimes when you purchase a product you can get a lemon but first off the company should stand benind their products and second they should offer the customer a good technical support team. I will not purchase another HP and I advise other consumers to think twice before purchasing one of their products because if you get a bad one they have lousy techincal support and the company does not stand behind their products.


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