Verizon Wireless - Termination declined

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 10:07am CST by 78ec9d55

Product: Internet service device

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 98-145 kaonohi st
Aiea, Hi 9670-4704, Ve, 9670-4704, US

Category: Other

I bought a new laptop and signed up with verizon wireless internet service in sept of 2008. unfortunelly my laptop and internet card was stolen in dec, 2008. I made a police report and reported it to verizon wireless with a police report. accordinding to verizon wireless I signed a two year contract with them so they validity decline to terminate contract, instead verizon validity suspened the contract and countinued to validity bill customer due to not properly terminating the contract although verizon validity acknowledge there were a discussion but adamantly said they are correct in justifing for the two year contract which I've heard so much times from verizon wireless. After making so much complaint's towards BBB and the state attorney general the problem has been unsatisfactorty at this point and unresolved. I also went on line at and talk to an attorney for a fee. I was told my best bet is to sue for the remainder of the two year contract. But when I sued for the remainder of contract, verizon counter with a in-advance payments. I only paid $60.07 monthly until I tried to terminate. In dec.2008 I was chagered additional $10.00 fee with internet serve fee of $60.07 monthly. I never paid late but somehow verizon wireless has the right to suspened my contract without any notice to paying customer. I tried my complaint to all places. I am upset with verizon wireless I came comming to a point theres nothing I can do. I hope theres people looking at this message and dont signed up with verizon wireless. I think verizon wireless is a turncoat of a bussiness.


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