Steady Hand Painting - Steady Hand Painting -- Shoddy Work

Posted on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 at 12:57pm CST by 17321fd8

Product: Interior Home Painting

Company: Steady Hand Painting

Location: 880 Confederate Ave Unit 215
Atlanta, GA, 30312, US


Category: Other

My husband and I recently hired Steady Hand Painting to do some interior painting in our home. Steady Hand Painting did very shoddy work -- to the point that they painted around our furniture instead of moving it to the center of the room as they agreed to do. In several places, the paint does not even reach the trim -- by several inches. In other places, the wall color has been spilled onto the trim, even though we were told they would use painter's tape. Our contract stated that our furniture would be covered in plastic; however, they did not cover our furniture and we now have paint on a very nice bed frame. They did not caulk, sand, and mud as the contract they signed indicated they would. They agreed to paint two coats over the kitchen walls, but it appears as though they only painted one coat and didn't completely cover the primer in some areas. We contacted the owner and asked him to come out to our house to review the work. He agrees that the work is "sloppy," but refuses to fix the problem. He did clean some paint off of our shower, and he cleaned a few spots on our kitchen floor. He said that he would mail us a check for $250, but he refuses to actually repaint. His attitude was the worst thing. He became angry when asked to repaint. We plan to fix it ourselves but would like to spare other consumers the frustration of hiring Steady Hand Painting.


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