TXU Energy - Abominable Customer Service at TXU

Posted on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 at 11:57am CST by 89f49def

Product: TXU Enercy

Company: TXU Energy

Location: Dallas, TX, US

Category: Other

I've just spent over an hour dealing with TXU. First, the woman who barely spoke English kept calling me by the wrong name. When I corrected her FOUR times and told her that I was offended, she kept doing it anyway. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I called back and talked with a supervisor who said she could not help me.

Many calls later, I was asked to pay my bill with my credit card on the automated system. After two tries, the automated system kept refusing to accept my credit card saying that the number was missing a digit. Both times, the system had different prompts--they must have multiple systems with different software on each. Finally, I reached another English-speaking person who took my credit card without charging me their "convenience fee" for giving it to a live human.

Two people even put me on hold and after 8 minutes each time, the system disconnected me. What's up with that kind of thing? I was not at all rude or abrasive--I was as courteous as the script readers talking to me.

So, after an hour, I still haven't done what I wanted to do--set up automatic recurring credit card payments. They keep saying that I MUST create an online account to do that. When I tell them that I do NOT have secure internet access, they say that there is no way to set it up unless I do it through their automated system...the circle run again.

What is WRONG with this company? First, they need customer service people who can think. With so many people looking for work, can't they hire people who are able to understand and solve basic problems? Second, it is ridiculous to force people online to deal with billing. All other companies I deal with are happy to take my credit card on the phone to set up recurring automatic payments. I shouldn't have to do that online if I do not have access to a secure internet connection. What about people who do not have internet at all?

I have a call into Margaret Pyrtle, a supposed higher-up in customer service. Let's see if she's a real person and if someone has the courtesy to return my call!

I CAN say that TXU isn't as bad as Amigo Energy...but they're close!


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