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Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 12:31pm CST by c15200f7

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I want to provide detailed information about a poor product:


I have found many flaws with the installation process and would like to share my findings

including how to repair all the leaks. I am now working on my 3rd week and I am finally getting the unit to be

leak free. I will be happy to share my findings with all who are duped into purchasing the unit as I was.

1) Do not install this unit without having rear access.

A) All the leaks can only be found from the rear. Or in my case when my basement ceiling collapsed!

2) Tighten all the screws on the steam generator as it leaks badly.

3) DO NOT use the caulk provided to fill in the 4 inch voids in each corner. (Throw the Chinese supplied caulk in the trash)

A) Place water proof hardening compound in each corner, (Comes in small roll that you mix by twisting in your hand) You can get this at any hardware store.

B) Use marine silicone to seal shower pan inside unit

C) Use marine silicone to seal lower glass to frame (especially in the corners)

D) Use marine silicon and seal all glass seams top to bottom as these leak also.

E) Use marine silicon between center rear control panel and aluminum frame.

3) Plug the drain and fill the floor pan with water above glass line. Check for leaks in the rear of the pan

A) If it leaks re-apply another layer of marine silicone until leak stops.

4) Drain pipe is NOT to code in many states.. replace with proper solid pipe.

5) Build a steam diverter out of tile as it is impossible to sit near the unit when steam is active. Be prepared to receive burns if you don't!

A) Use (3) 1/2" x 12" steel angle brackets. Cut top down to 6". Cut 6"x24" and 12"x24" concrete board and bolt to angle brackets. Then cover with tile of your choice. Use high temp silicon to connect steam diverter to the shower unit. Do Not apply seal to flooring.

If I could return this unit I would but I am stuck. Good Luck


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