Dell Computer - DELL Warranty Replacement

Posted on Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at 11:11pm CST by dfbac658

Product: Dell E1705

Company: Dell Computer

Location: One Dell Way


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Hello to all, I have just been through what feels like 9 rounds with Dell Customer Care (or lack of). I purchased an Inspirion E1705 laptop on 4/26/2006 and purchased their 24/7, 3 year on site, complete care extended warranty. For the most part the computer has worked fine over the last few years, however in July of this year I had an issue where the screen just went black, after an hour or so of being shuffled around on their tech support lines, having someone in India trouble shoot my Battery and Power Cord of all time wasting things we determined that the laptops motherboard was dead. and they issued an onsite repair... which is my the warranty supposed to be next day, it was more like 6 days since they had to ship the part to the local tech coming to repair the system. After that repair the system worked for roughly a month then had the same exact thing happen again, I was hoping they would just replace the system, they issued another repair and took another week of my time. This time the computer worked for 2 weeks then had the exact same problem, at this point Dell insisted that to properly service the computer I needed to send it to them, they send a FedEx box for it, diagnosed it, and after 3 weeks sent it back to me with a note saying "we could not replicate your problem, and did not service your computer" I was furious, the computer some how went from DEAD to fixed in the mail, go figure? So after this 3rd repair the computer worked for a grand total of 2 days then died again... same black screen, would not power on at all. They finally agreed to replace the system at this time agreeing that I had had enough issues with it already. So as a replacement they sent me a Dell M1730 XPS laptop, refurbished, out of production model, and I had no say in what system they would send me. They say it's an upgrade, and I??m sure it is component wise, however it's a 15lb. laptop with a 5lb brick for a power supply. I travel for work and this is NOT a solution to my broken laptop issue.


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