USPS - prioity mail international??

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 11:16am CST by 113e05f5

Product: usps priority mail international

Company: USPS

Location: US


Category: Other

on august 6 2009 i shipped a laptop i sold on eBay to a person in Sri Lanka. according to tracking info the package had an attempted delivery in Malaysia on Aug 16. Wrong country right. i called USPS and they said they would try to correct the problem. after researching the internet i saw that i should do a formal inquiry for the package which i did around Aug 20. Around sept 10 the customer informed that they purchased a laptop elsewhere. i contacted the post office to see if the package could be returned to me. I was told it was in the custody of sri lanka. anyway i end up filing a claim but it takes 60 deays to find out anything. this timeline is redicoulous. I am out the $450 i was paid for the item, the $65 i paid for shipping and received negative info although it wasn't my fault. the time i am without the money is terrible, at the time i sold the laptop it was worth $700, in the time i spend waiting for the laptop to be returned the value has decreased to $450 and steadily goes down.i know this may not be much to a decent size business, but it effectly put meout of business


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