Three Oaks Montessori - Money Hungry School

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 4:42pm CST by ea014946

Product: Preschool

Company: Three Oaks Montessori

Location: Palatine, IL, 60067, US

Category: Other

The director charges ridiculous amounts for mandatory field trips. They are during school hours, but if your child doesn't participate, there will be no care for your child, even though you've already paid tuition for that day. For instance, for the latest "fieldtrip" she is charging 28.00 for a play, which the tickets only cost 11.00. Whenever I question the cost of a field trip, she claims the other part of the charge is for "transportation." In this case, the school is only 3.4 miles from the field trip.

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Robert Allyn L., 2009-11-23, 11:20AM CST

So I assume that your child travels in a Yellow bus to these events. I expect mine will for saftey reasons, I do not trust most other parents to drive my children or insure the vehical properly. The charge for these busses starts at a minumum charge and rises if the minimum milage and hours are to be exceeded. $17 per child for a days bus rental is just about pretty cheap considering the bus won't be full.

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