Home Depot - Late delivery and poor customer service

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 3:58pm CST by de518aa8

Product: Laminate Order

Company: Home Depot

Location: 20360 Hwy 59
Humble, TX, 77338, US

URL: http://www.homedepot.com/

Category: Other

I ordered laminate flooring for this place and the following events occurred:

I was scheduled to receive it on 11/12 and I CALLED on 11/12 to confirm and was told it was not arriving until 11/25. I asked why and was told the fax line was down and it did not get to the vendor.

I spoke with the store manager and he said I could reschedule and transferred me to the sales person. While I am on the phone with the sales person, she is yelling at her co-worker asking him if he know what he is doing and continuing the loud tone for about a minute until she decided to say hold on and get me off the phone.

She then came back and ended the conversation telling me she would make sure that the date was changed.

Not trusting her, I called to day and needless to say the date is not changed. I am then told that they cannot change the date until it arrives in the store. My reply to her was that is not what the store manager nor the person I spoke with in flooring told me last week.

She puts me on hold for five minutes and I hang up.

Call back and the manager is out until Friday. Did she not know that.

These people are awful. My 14 month old nephew could do better than this.

Don't shop at Home Depot at all. Several of my friends have had similar customer service experiences and other stores.

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7a4e68d2, 2009-11-23, 03:46PM CST

Hi this is Stephanie from Home Depot Customer Care. Im sorry you didn't receive consistent information. Feel free to send an email to [email protected] so I can look into this.


Stephanie, Home Depot Customer Care

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