Forever 21 - Forever 21: Negative experience with merchandise and customer service

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 8:31am CST by ada554ab

Product: Clothing

Company: Forever 21

Location: 2300 East Lincoln Highway #270 Langhorne PA 19047
Langhorne, PA, 19047, US


Category: Other

I had a very negative experience with Forever 21 merchandise. I contacted customer service to no satisfaction. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, who contacted Forever 21 three times with no response. Now, I am posting public complaints to warn consumers about their blatant disregard for consumer concerns. I will also elevate this to local Consumer Affairs.

Forever 21 is a terrible company that doesn't care about its patrons, offers poor quality products, and features a stingy return policy that is dissimilar to many of their competitors. These stores are flagrantly peddling garbage to the public, knowing full well merchandise will fall apart or shrink beyond recognition within a couple months of purchase. I will never shop at these stores ever, and this company has gained a negative referral forever.

CONSUMERS: Spend your money elsewhere. There are too many authentic, quality businesses closing that actually care about their customers. Let's help close the doors of the ones who really deserve to be out of business, such as FOREVER 21.




6f2ff722, 2010-07-02, 12:47AM CDT

I think people who shop there should know what they are getting in to. If you are only going to pay 10 dollars for a dress do you really expect it to last for a long time? You get what you pay for so if you want something of a higher quality you should shop somewhere else. Forever 21 is a great place for people who want cheap clothes just in case they only wear it one time, that way they dont have to feel guilty about spending so much.

28bc3498, 2011-07-18, 07:27PM CDT

HAD THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE TODAY !!!! ! I ordered 20+ items online and they arrived today. I found 2 that had poor stitching on it- also found a white shirt that has a boot mark in dirt on it....and another shirt with numerous HOLES in it- almost like cigarette holes- about that size in various places on this shirt- there was no bag and no tag attached to it- and it looked like it was a return that they just threw in my box as new. I called the customer service number and this man that I talked to told me that he had to file a damage claim with UPS!!!! Really- ?? He proceeded to tell me that the items would never leave their factory in that shape- so it was UPS's fault... I told him that the box was delivered in MINT condition and taped well; that these items were the middle of numerous other items that I had ordered, and there was no way that the UPS man damaged these items.... ......even the shirt with the holes.. he told me that if it didnt have a tag then it wasnt sent.really?? it was on my invoice and in my box.. he said that I had to wait 5-7 days for the UPS damage claim to be processed and see if UPS will pay for the damages- I asked since when does the UPS drivers do the stitching on the clothing- he told me that I can return them paying my own shipping and then the shipping again to get another pair on those 2 items !!!!! My 2 damaged items that were packed in the middle of my order are in the middle of a claims dispute- and he said that if UPS pays for them - then they will refund my money- otherwise- they will not refund my cash..... so I have 4 items that can not be worn. If I really want the items that I paid for- I have to reorder- repay and pay for shipping again !!!! All to get the merchandise that I ordered in the first place. THIS IS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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