Adept Management / Mary Bolchalk

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 10:55am CST by e4fd2cca

Product: Adept Management / Mary Bolchalk

Company: Adept Management / Mary Bolchalk

Location: 6800 Tartarus St Las Vegas, NV 89131-3569
Las Vegas, Ne, 89131, US


Category: Other

My HOA is managed by ADEPT MANAGEMENT. I have had HUGE issues with Mary Bolchalk and her minions for about 6 months. I've lived in this house for 3 years and had problems w/ Adept off and on this entire time. The big problems have really escalated the past 6 months.

Mary and her minions bully me and push me around. I pay the HOA my monthly dues, but they have had an issue with silly things. They fine me for these things, but I am on a fixed budget. They give me a written notice about my trash can being left out too long (6 hours after the garbage man came) and my porch lights being on during the day. It is easy to forget to shut off the porch lights when you are rushing to work. Anyways, I have over $500 in owed fines to Adept . They are threatening to KICK ME OUT if I do not pay them. HELLO.. I AM ON A FIXED BUDGET. DON'T BULLY ME AROUND!



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