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Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 5:12pm CST by f57c5b1c

Product: customer service - returns

Company: Newport News

Location: Attn: Geralynn Madonna, President 5000 City Line Road
Hampton, VA, 23661, US


Category: Other

I used to purchase many items from this company. The quality of the items was high and the customer service was excellent.

HOWEVER, they have changed drastically. In early August I purchased an item from them. When I received it, it was not the item shown in their catalog/web page. On August 7th I spoke with Jacqueline. I was told that since it was their error, I could have free return shipping and that they would credit my item, plus my original shipping back to my account.

They did credit my item on September 25th. The credit for the shipping has never reached my account. I have spoken with Mike on 9/26, Jack on 10/8, Caroline on 10/20 and Karen on 10/29 and today, 11/2. On the first three occasions I was told that the credit had been put through, but when they checked their records, they changed that to say that the credit had not actually gone through. Each of the first 3 times I was told that I would have the credit posted to my account within 72 hours AND I'd receive an email confirming this within 72 hours. When I spoke with Karen, in the Account Specialist Department on 10/29, she said she would pass this on to a manager - that the credit was lost in their system.

Karen today (11/2) said that she did memo my information to a manager - that she would not put me through to a manager - that there was nothing else she could do and that the manager would have to research the credit and she did not know when I would receive it.

PERSONALLY, I will never again use this company. I have been jerked around for months and their staff, including in the Account Specialist Department, have actually done NOTHING to fix the problem. I urge everyone who reads this to NEVER buy from Newport News. I feel that their customer service is a thing of the past and that the current management is not really interested in fixing any customer's problem.


I don't know if I'll ever get my credit back - but please, do not give them any of your money.


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