JEWELRY DEPOT - Misrepresented Sale in a deceptive manner

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 4:43am CST by f49a6cda

Product: Jewelry/Preowned Rolex Watch


Location: 2910 Oakwood Blvd Hollywood, FL 33020
Hollywood, Fl, 33020, US


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I will never purchased anything from this company again. I purchased a Ladies Rolex Watch with a diamond bezel. I was told by the owner that the watch was "hardly used and relatively new." He said his good friend owned the watch - she is in landscaping - so she did not wear it to work. She rarely went out in the evenings - so it "hardly got used.

Besides she did not like it. He said Rolex only uses the best diamonds on their bezels. Yet never mentioned that this bezel was after market and NOT Rolex. He showed me that the band did not bend (a test jewelers used so see how much wear and tear the watch has had.) The band was fairly straight. It had a beautiful Mother of Pearl dial but failed to tell me this too was after market and not Rolex. He clearly lead me to believe that everything about this watch was Rolex. I had the watch appraised by 2 certified Gemologists. The results were (1) the bezel & Mother of Pearl dial are after market - not Rolex; (2) the model & serial number on the watch showed that the watch itself was manufactured in 1984; and (3) the band was probably 5 years old or older. All 3 facts above were NEVER revealed to me. I complained to the BBB of Southeast Florida. They got a ridiculous standard response from the company denying that they had misrepresented the watch to me. Their reputation was too valuable to operate in this manner. I could return the watch for a store credit. NEVER, and be deceived again! Of, course, the BBB had no clout. I always thought the BBB was for the benefit of the consumer, but clearly they prefer to please the businesses - so Jewelry Depot continues to get an A+ rating from them. My complaint was never satisfied. BBB closed the file. It is very clear the year "1984" was never mentioned. Frankly, I would NOT have purchased a 25 year old - preowned Rolex. There is a big selection available in the marketplace. In their response the company "challenged" me to find a lower price for this watch. I noted that the challenge does not exist. It would be almost impossible to find a 1984 watch; a band that is exactly the age of this band; an exact match of the after market bezel and Mother of Pearl dial. This is a watch that the owner clearly "put together." Thus, it is very hard to believe that lady landscaper story. In my opinion, Jewelry Depot in Hollywood, Florida is not a reputable jewelry business by selling this watch under false pretenses. They misrepresented the watch, plain and simple. And they continue to deny it. Clearly, this is something a reputable business would never do. In my opinion, the BBB rating of A+ is NOT representative of how this business actually operates. Beware, better yet, find some place that is reputable. By the way, their web site is up for resale.

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