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Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 10:18am CST by 346e23cb

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Hi all, I am a self employed musician that was hired to do a live musical performance in Basel on Oct.31st, 2009. But unfortunately for me, my easy jet flight which was scheduled to leave from Berlin Sch?nefeld at 18:00 got cancelled.

Ater waiting 1 hour after the scheduled departure time, an airport office (not Easy Jet employee) finally came in to announce to us that the flight had been cancelled due to over worked flight crew. Quit simply, the Pilots had a long day and did not want to fly this 1 hour + flight to Basel. Easy Jet could only offer us all a rescheduled flight the following morning at 7am nov.1st. However, as i was expected to perform that evening, of course, i lost my performance fee because there was no chance to make it to Basel on time. As a self employed musician trying to make ends meet, this was a big blow to me, to lose this gig. Now i am trying to get easy Jet to compensate me for my lost employment due to the negligence in providing well rested Flight Crew.

Now with my head down, i will go through all the steps i have seen everyone else take. If any one can give me some in sight or suggestions, it would be well needed.

thank you all

sheldon thompson


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