Inditex Group - Complaint re shoes bought from Zara

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 1:55pm CST by 0923e5d4

Product: Zara blue platform shoes

Company: Inditex Group

Location: Inditex headquarter Edificio Inditex Av. Diputación s/n 15142- Arteixo A Coruña - España
A Coruna, 15142, ES


Category: Other

9/6/2009 I bought a pair of blue shoes (platforms) costing EUR59,90 from Zara shop in Nicosia, Cyprus. After wearing them for just 3 times the stitching on the back strap of one shoe became undone.

20/7/2009 I took the shoes to the Zara shop where I had bought them and I was informed by the salesperson that Zara would not repair the shoe nor reimburse me for the cost of the shoe.

27/7/2009 I sent a letter by fax to the General Manager of Moda Encanto Ltd (Zara franchise owner in Cyprus)informing him of my complaint and my rights according to Cyprus Law and EU Directive 99/44/EC (attaching photos of the shoe). I also sent a copy to the Consumer Service of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Cyprus.

A few days later I received a telephone call by Mr Houliotis informing me that he would be away on vacation for two weeks and he would deal with my complaint when he returned. I asked him to call me back when he returned from his vacation so that we could make an appointment to show him the shoes.

27/8/2009 After the passing of 3 weeks without a call from Mr Houliotis, I telephoned him myself. He said he is not available for appointments and that I would have to leave the shoes to his secretary for him to look at and reply to my complaint. He also said that he would send the shoe to the Zara head offices in Spain by courier and this would take 3-4 days.

1/9/2009 I delivered the shoes to the secretary of Mr Houliotis

22/9/2009 As I received no reply from Mr. Houliotis, I telephoned Moda Encanto again and as he was not available I left two messages for him to call me back. I have not yet received any reply.

28/9/2009 I sent the above complaint by email to Inditex Group (manufacturer and distributor of Zara products) in Spain, but again received no answer.

6/10/2009 I received a letter from the Consumer Service of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Cyprus that Zara Cyprus is still waiting for an answer from the Zara headquarters in Spain (Inditex Group).

Today I'm still waiting for a reply. More than three months have passed since I made the above complaint and my patience has run out. I could have easily repaired the shoes (as could Moda Encanto Ltd since there are at least 2 shoe repair shops within 300m of their shop), but I persisted with this complaint as I believe it is justified to expect shoes to last more than 3 times of use. Please note that there was no incident to justify the unstitching of the shoe (such as a stumble or a fall). I was a regular customer of Zara before this issue, but not any more. I am very disappointed at the level of service I received from Zara.

In accordance to my rights as a consumer (which are similar throughout the EU), I wish to receive back my shoes repaired or receive a full cash refund.


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