Levis.com - Beware of Returns for Levis.com!

Posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 at 3:42pm CST by 4963687c

Company: Levis.com

Location: San Francisco, CA, 94111-1203, US

URL: http://www.levis.com/

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Beware of buying items from levis.com and then trying to return them to the store.... I bought 4 pairs of jeans from the website and 3 didn't fit right. Per the rules on the company's own website, I could return the jeans to a physical store for credit to my credit card.

So, I returned them to the store at my local mall. However, the store told me they couldn't credit my credit card / or give me a receipt as online systems are different from the instore systems. But, they said they would ship it back to the warehouse via fedex and I would get credit that way.

The store confirmed for me that they returned 3 pairs of jeans, but the warehouse apparently only received 2 and now levis.com won't give me a credit for the third pair (To their credit, they did give me credit for the first 2 pairs promptly).

I have emails from the online customer service telling me they would give me a credit for the 3rd pair and voicemails from employees at the store telling me I would be getting the credit and now they are backtracking and saying they are "investigating" the situation and whether or not I will get the credit.

So, just wanted to warn everyone out there to beware when shopping from them. Their return process is a disaster and you might not get all of your money back when you return items to them!!

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cwmiami, 2013-11-09, 05:02PM CST

Levi.com just doesn't learn. I ordered a pair of 513s that were dark blue on the website and arrived Barney purple (the website photos have since been corrected - and the purple pants marked down for clearance). Customer service acknowledged the error and promptly credited the $7.97 return shipping. Upon receipt of the return at their warehouse, they credited only the original delivery shipping charge. In the last two months, I have spent hours on the phone with Levi.com and my credit card. Levi.com maintains they made a full refund (although I've only received two emails from Levi.com, each for the two $7.97 shipping charges); my bank and my online statements show that Levi.com never credited me for the merchandise.

Customer service has been polite, but each time they fail to resolve the issue. So, I emailed my complaint to [email protected], the email posted on their website...and it was returned at undeliverable.

That's my last purchase from them.

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