Eyewear US - Eyewear US fraud

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at 9:56am CST by e54db5e5

Product: Designer prescription glasses

Company: Eyewear US

Location: 56 Beaumont Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11235, US

URL: http://www.eyewearus.com, www.decormyeyes.com, www.eyeweartown.com/

Category: Other

When purchasing online, website did not let me review my order prior to completing the order. No return policy was ever stated. I never recieved a reciept in email, they won't send one when I call and request one, and not so much as a packing slip was enclosed when the order arrived. When I opened the order, the frames I ordered with prescription lenses were not the frames I ordered. I called the company to let them know their mistake and they are tell me that I'm the one that made the mistake. The glasses aren't even the COLOR I ordered, let alone the style of frames I ordered! I was told by a "Tony", who claims to be the owner, that he will exchange the frames less a 20% return fee and I will have to pay the $240 for new prescription lenses. After a while, he said he would split the cost with me. That is still WRONG! Why should I pay for THIER MISTAKE?!


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e617a33b, 2010-03-25, 09:40PM CDT

My husband just got totally scammed by this super unbelievably sleazy eyeweartown.com. He ordered a pair of sunglasses for $150 which have never arrived. Then today (March 26, 2010) he contacts the company to found out what's going on. They claim that the sunglasses don't even exist within their inventory, even though we have a pdf copy of the product on their site as well as of the order itself. (LIke the above person, we never received any kind of order confirmation.)

Then the man got immediately super nasty and threatened to sue my husband for slander and to "shut him down". I don't know what the latter means and am thinking very seriously about calling the Police about this situation tomorrow morning. Right after this nasty, awful call, they wrote an email "asking" for our attorney's name so they could sue us. Can you imagine that this is even happening???!!!! Unfortunately, now after the fact and too late for us, we are looking online and see that this so-called company has numerous complains and some are far worse than our situation.

PLEASE, do not order from eyeweartown.com. You will be very saddened with your experience.

0c18585d, 2010-04-01, 10:46AM CDT

I too have had a horrific experience with www.eyeweartown.com. I ordered regular sunglasses and paid for overnight shipping, they did not ship overnight and when the glasses finally arrived, they were broken. They've now accused me of breaking them myself, threatening to sue me for slander since I've stated my next course of action will be to contact VISA and BBB, and they've told me I did not pay for overnight shipping. My receipt clearly states I did in fact. I'm now consistently receiving threatening emails from [email protected] telling me they are taking my home, putting leins on my property, filing a slander suit, calling the police, blah blah blah. All because I paid $300 for broken glasses???? Horrific company.

592a9db7, 2010-05-22, 06:56PM CDT

After reviewing everyone's comments here... I don't have much more to say, except.... Small parts of all of these happened to me as well including the threat of being sued for slander if I post a negative review about how horrible their service is... Are you kidding me... This place is a joke!

5016591b, 2010-05-26, 11:06PM CDT

I bought a pair of glasses from eyeweartown and gave them my RX directly from my doctor to have them fill. They did send me the glasses. They were bent, dirty and as soon as I put them on I became dizzy. I took them to my eye doctor who said the lenses should make me dizzy, they are not the right Rx and horribly made. I got him to put the Rx of the lenses in the glasses in writing and Eyeweartown said they filled what I gave them sorry no refunds. After numerous emails they finally said they would refill them if I pay half the cost. Why should I pay for their mistake. The customer Service is awful and I am reporting them to my CC as FRAUD

88449d57, 2010-12-16, 01:53PM CST

the owner was recently arrested. He continues to advertise on the internet with new sites under different names. The key is to look at the contact info listed and if it's in Brooklyn chances are it's him. He probably has people working for him but I don't understand how he continues to get away with this. I tried to order a pair of designer eye frames from decormyeyes and he charged the CC before they were even shipped. Furthermore he did not have the color I selected and used very forceful harassing language in emails to get me to agree to buying them anyway. I had to get my CC involved and was able to get a refund. But he sent me very disturbing emails after that and I was concerned for my safety. I can't imagine how many people are getting scammed out of the country since it looks like he targets foreign markets too.

Be very careful. When the price looks too good to be true, it probably is not to be believed! Peace to all.

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