Cuisinart - Cuisinart Coffee Maker Fire Hazard

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at 1:52pm CST by 8945df91

Product: Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew Model DGB-700BC

Company: Cuisinart

Location: 150 Milford Rd.
East Windsor, NJ, 08520, US

Category: Other

After grinding beans and brewing coffee and entering the warming mode and around 15 minutes later we heard a loud crackling noise from the kitchen and then noticed smoke coming from the bottom of the unit below the heating pad area. Cuisinart only offered to waive the $10 warranty return fee and ship another unit. Decided to keep it and notify everyone of this potential hazard so it would not be pushed aside by Cuisinart.


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Robert Allyn L., 2009-11-17, 04:17PM CST

WOW better service than in published in the warranty and you wont accept. WOW

80c1b2a3, 2009-12-06, 01:00PM CST

The exact same thing happened to me this morning. For other users, make sure you don't leave the unit on unattended!!

I was offered the same from Cuisinart, but was happy with their proposed resolution since I no longer had proof of purchase.

01dff145, 2009-12-14, 07:48AM CST

Exact same thing happened to me! I am so lucky to have been close by and heard/smelled a problem. As a career firefighter, I know what I was looking at and can absolutely guarantee you that the unit would have burst into flame and caught my kitchen on fire had I not intervened!

As of the writing of this complaint, I am considering my options with Cuisinart. My biggest goal is for them to issue a recall. Regardless, I will not be having another Cuisinart coffee maker in my home ever again.

All businesses make mistakes. The difference between the good ones and bad ones are how those businesses acknowledge such mistakes and learn from them.

20b4f8cb, 2009-12-21, 01:47PM CST

I owned a Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffeemaker and had had it for 5 months and everything about the coffeemaker was not working properly. I contacted Cuisinart and they wouldn't do anything to help me so I decided to take it back to the store where I purchased it, along with the receipt. The store said they could give me my money back with no problem and the store would take it up with Cuisinart. So if anyone still has their receipt, try taking the product back for a refund instead of messing around with Cuisinart.

12b54115, 2010-04-25, 05:35PM CDT

My Cuisinart coffee maker just burst into flames on my counter after brewing a pot this afternoon! Luckily I was close by and unplugged it and ran it outside before my house caught fire.

a72224c3, 2010-04-27, 01:49PM CDT

I had a similar experience this morning with Cuisinart Coffee Maker model DCC-1100. It was spewing a lot of smoke and I could see flashes of sparks or flames through one of the vents. The unit is only a few months old. Cuisinart offered to replace the unit.

a4428e99, 2010-09-17, 12:49PM CDT

I have a Cuisinart DCC-1200C, its 8 months old. The other morning I started the coffee maker and left the kitchen, when I returned about 15 minutes later, there was an awful odour(burnt electrical smell)it was the coffee maker. I unplugged it and took it outside. The non stick heating plate was obviously overheated as the surface was burnt and cracked. After reading about others who have had similar incidents, I will not be using a Cuisinart Coffee maker again. This product should be recalled.

f224584c, 2010-11-12, 06:39AM CST

I also have a model DCC-1200 Cuisinart coffe maker that started to smoke and smelled like something electrical was burning. As I removed the pot I saw that the heating plate was glowing red around the edge and smoke continued to pour out of that area. I am shocked that Cuisinart has not recalled this unit.

197c85f1, 2010-12-27, 06:24AM CST

How Does This Company Keep Its Good Name?

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker

I'm 65 years old and prone to giving products - that deserve it - good reviews. Actually I'm a nice guy old geek, and not a grump. I'm an addicted coffee drinker and a retiree.

Over many years I've owned and used this model and several similar Cuisinart models. Why? First, I'm a slow learner and I just couldn't believe that this good company would sell such a shoddy piece of merchandise. Secondly, because the lady of the house said this was the one we were going to buy. Third, and most importantly, because - as some other reviewers have mentioned - this model has outstanding good looks. Fourth, we all know that this exact model has been prominently shown on EVERY season of TV's "Two and a Half Men" EXCEPT this most current season where even Hollywood no doubt had to replace what I'm positive was a leaking and/or scorched unit.

So how can something that looks so chic be so awful? Can you say "design flaws"? No? Then just try "defective". How about "dangerous"? "Fire hazard"? I do want to mention one flaw in particular: The heating element WILL fail.

It's not "if", it is just "when", usually in about a year. Wanna know "how"? With the intense flash of a heating short under the unit and tons of acrid, putrid smell of electrical burning. This is such an obvious fire hazard that I just don't see why fire marshals allow this product in consumers' homes.

"Why"? Some Internet theories (and there are a bunch if you look) claim that the heating tube - that would be a metal tube with WATER inside surrounding all types of electrical connections - eventually leaks and the water forms a "perfect" electrical short to any and all nearby electrical components.

There are a million other ways to GET water down there, because if you actually USE this coffeemaker, it WILL run over. My favorite way is if you put a FULL pot of water in it, IT WILL RUN OVER. THE RESERVOIR WILL NOT HOLD A FULL POT. Now there's a design by a real first rate company, right?

Lest you think one of this company's similar models might not have all these problems, think again. Why do you think there are so many "Refurbished" units for sale all over the Internet? These models have more, and amusingly DIFFERENT flaws. My favorite is the too-close filter basket button that hangs on the carafe when you try to remove it. Pull hard enough and you will break the button off completely, thus ending forever the "steal-a-cup" feature. Frankly, that is as it should be, i.e., we the foolish know where the stealing has been occurring.

What do you want to hear about Cuisinart's Customer "Service"? I don't want to even go into it; it's actually hilarious if it didn't involve time and money. The central theme and boilerplate is "What problem?!? No one else has any problems with our products!?!" Actually, I'm sure they are virtually overwhelmed with customer complaints. If you've seen the current TV commercial, "My name Peggy," you're well on your way to knowing how you will be treated.

Now, I gotta get a cup of coffee . . . fire extinguisher, and a mop.

998e0ec1, 2011-01-04, 01:54PM CST

HAD a Cuisinart Coffee Maker Model: DCC2600 I say HAD, because it burnt up this morning. Called Customer Service. I'm still laughing. I was advised to go buy a new one or purchase one from them that was well above the retail price from most Dept. stores I've been to. I don't even think they apologized! Yes, it makes great coffee, but is it worth the expense of possibly your home and its belongings? You be the judge.

f5ef54e5, 2011-02-17, 07:21AM CST

We had the same thing happen this morning. We were lucky that we were standing in the kitchen when it happened. Our whole house smells like an electrical fire. We immediately carried it outside.

31e72126, 2011-03-07, 07:13PM CST

Our coffeemaker wasn't the burr and grind but It fizzled away anyway short of its warranty. Warranty means your cost to mail it to them and your cost to get it returned.

33f1bab0, 2011-04-26, 10:06AM CDT

Have a Cuisinart DGB-700 as a present 2 xmases ago. Today, the exact same thing happened. On warming mode for almost 3 hours, the sparks and smoke from the bottom of the unit below the heating pad area. Luckily , we were sitting right there when it happened.

33f1bab0, 2011-04-26, 10:09AM CDT

Have a Cuisinart DGB-700 as a present 2 xmases ago. Today, the exact same thing happened. On warming mode for almost 3 hours, sparks and smoke from the bottom of the unit below the heating pad area. Luckily , we were sitting right there when it happened.

61fc541c, 2011-11-28, 09:36AM CST

Same thing happened to my model DGB-700BC on Thanksgiving morning. The burner started smoking beneath the pot. When I called the company this morning, they appoligized and said that unit was probably too old to qualify for warranty coverage unless I had the sales receipt proving otherwise.They also said they had not heard of any other similiar compalints.

c26d5213, 2012-07-13, 04:58PM CDT

I also had our model burn up. It was still under warranty so Cuisinart replaced it. The same thing happened again. Threw it out, am done with their coffee makers. It was model DCC-1100. Good thing we were home both times it happened.

Ronald B., 2012-12-13, 11:07PM CST

I had a DGB 700 BC until this morning. The control for the heating element must have failed. I left the kitchen for a short while and upon returning

smelled something very hot. Boiling coffee, hot plastic and hot electrical smells. I unpluged it, let it cool down and then poured fresh water into the resivoir. Water ran out of the bottom of the maker. It got hot enough to melt or crack somthing inside.The maker was about 2 years old. Out of warranty of course.

Timothy S., 2012-12-16, 08:20AM CST

Timothy S., 2012-12-16 0920AM EST

Yesterday morning (12/15) brewed a pot of coffee in our DCC-1200 model and let it sit for about 30-45 minutes in the warming mode when my wife asked me to get each of us a cup. As I entered the kitchen I noticed the RED brew light was OUT and I recycled the ON toggle switch and it stayed out - the very next instance gray smoke began spewing out from the bottom of the unit below the heating pad area (under the full coffee craft) - I quickly unplugged the unit. Eventually the whole house smelled like a house that had been on fire, had to open all the windows to get the smell out.

I went to Kohl's and bought a replacement DCC-1200 model.

Later I decided to call the companies 800 customer service number and told them about it, they asked for the serial number and in a bit came back and said it was part of a faulty lot built, they would send me a replacement unit and for me to cut the electrical cord (as long as I could get/make it) and return it. I told them I no longer had the paper work/recite and asked if they could tell by the serial number how old the unit was - said it was built in 2009.

After reading this chain of similar problems dating back to 2009 I'm going to take back the unit I bought at Kohl's yesterday and buy a new/different brand - do not want to make a pot of coffee and then wonder/worry if it will do the same thing - in addition, I'm going to recall Cuisinart's 800 number and tell them NOT to send me a replacement unit, cannot be worried if it will/would do the same thing, and the next time I would not have been there to catch it starting.

4ef13537, 2013-09-30, 10:30AM CDT

On 9/27/13, my wife was making coffee, started the cuisinart coffeemaker and headed into the bathroom while the coffee was brewing. About 10 minutes into the brewing, our smoke detector started blaring. My wife opened up the bathroom door and was shocked to see smoke in the hallway. She yelled out to my son, who was sleeping (25 yrs old) and he jumped up and ran into the kitchen to find the coffeemaker completely in flames. He pushed it into the kitchen sink and sprayed it down with water. We were lucky the kitchen curtains did not start on fire as the window blinds melted from the heat of the flames. Our new undermount sink was damaged by the flames as was the new countertop. I called Cuisinart and the girl in customer service said someone would call me within 3 business days. Not sure what the model number is but it is the 10 cup unit with the stainless steel pot. There is no heating element in the base, but all the electrical workings are there and that is where the fire started.

fb8ace77, 2014-02-23, 02:21PM CST

I had the same experience today as others are describing with this model - I was luckily in the room and noiced smoke coming from the base and was able to unplug the unit and move it to a safe spot. Otherwise I am sure my kitchen would soon have been on fire. Oh my!

Horse Power, 2014-08-28, 09:22AM CDT

Same story.... My Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee maker is at my business. My wife gave it to me on my birthday, in 2011. It looks great, and makes great coffee. I only make 4 cups of coffee daily, M-F. This morning, instead of hearing the 5 beeps signaling that the brewing is finished, I heard a popping and cracking sound and smelled burning wires. I immediately unplugged the machine and removed the carafe, as the coffee was starting to boil. Apparently, the thermostat for the hot plate malfunctioned and the plate was in the initial stages of a China Syndrome. The coffee maker sits on a wooden shelf, which likely would have started burning if I had not unplugged the machine. I think it may be safer just to buy a really old Mr Coffee machine at the Goodwill store. At least maybe I could find one that wasn't made in CHINA!

Susan V., 2014-11-06, 06:32AM CST

You can add our home to the list of homes that could have gone up in flames had we not been home when our CUISINART DCC 1100BK decided to start burning and SMOKING (while in the automatic OFF ) !!!

I called the company immediately after we unplugged the unit and took it outside! "Oh, Mrs. V... we have NEVER heard of this problem before..."

Well, it has obviously been happening for Many YEARS!!!

Chuck G., 2014-11-20, 07:38AM CST

And add me to the list, this morning 11-20-14 heard a crackling noise, then smoke pouring out of the bottom of the pot, usually turn the pot on and go in the bathroom, this morning thankfully my routine was different due to a brat dog, thanks for being a brat Kibibi, you saved the house! Not amussed.

Consumer A., 2015-01-05, 08:07PM CST

1/4/15 cuisiart model DCC2205 is also a faulty coffee maker. It is obvious from all the complaints

that cuisinart products cannot be trusted nor can their warranty center satisfy the numerous

Issues presented to them. Our coffee maker had the same scenario as expressed by many,

burning electrical smoke with a fire hazard capacity. Cuisinart obviously know there is an issue

with their products, so what is our consumer affairs doing about it? I found just as many complaints

at that site. Boycott cuisinart product & post at social sites to view recalls of cuisinart. If we can't

count on public services to remedy the problem, we can certainly help reduce Ciusinart Sales!

Sue B., 2015-02-06, 09:35AM CST

I woke up this morning turned on my Cuisinart coffee maker and went in to get dressed, after a few minutes I smelled what I thought was burnt toast, thought maybe my husband was in the kitchen, he was not , and the only thing toasted was my coffee pot, the coffee pot smelled and was gurgling and steaming. I unplugged it, the cord was very hot. I called customer service, and was told sorry you had a problem, but there is a fail safe system, so it won't catch fire. It was bought the end of 2011, no warranty, and no feelings from customer service. I guess they are immune after so may calls. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Guess I have to find another coffee maker brand.

Doug H., 2015-03-08, 09:29PM CDT

Same issue with sgb 700. Did not catch on fire because my wife was there when the smoke came out.. Will see what they say for warranty.

con, 2015-03-18, 02:21PM CDT


I've only been using my DCC-750 model for a year. This morning I smelled electrical burning. The coffee maker was smoking and very hot on the plate, (had just finished brewing a morning pot). I unplugged it and ran it to the driveway fearing a fire. After reading all the previous blogs, I won't purchase that brand again.


Cyndi S., 2015-04-22, 04:13PM CDT

I had a DCC-1100 Cuisinart Coffee Maker and it also started cracking and smoking. Like all of you, I was nearby and was able to unplug it and get it outside, so thankfully no one was hurt. I called customer service and they indicated I was the first person to have ever complained about this model or this issue.

4491b58e, 2015-08-12, 12:19PM CDT

My Cuisinart coffee machine also caught fire. it was 6 years old and loved it up until today. it made a few clicking sounds, the power light went out but the burner became very hot and smoke bellowed from the unit. I took pictures of the unit smoking and emailed them to cuisinart. Still waiting for a response. this unit should definitely be recalled. Very dangerous. thank goodness I was home when it happened.

T. Ford

Kimberly B., 2015-10-25, 10:50AM CDT

Ok so I don't know how to proceed. I obviously don't have the receipt from the purchase of my Cuisinart DC-750. It never occurred to me to keep it for a "small appliance". I purchased from a high end department store. This morning while making breakfast for my family I heard a pop and fizzing noise. Definitely not expecting it to have come from the coffee pot. Then I started smelling electrical burning and then flames from the coffee pot. Thank you God I was standing there and not just brewing coffee while getting ready for work in another area of my home. Now I am researching how to get this replaced however it appears that another product would not solve my problem. So my expensive, seemingly good purchase from a top small appliance company was a waste. I am more than angry that they want a receipt. That they do not accept responsibility and it should have been recalled. And that they obviously don't care. Im shocked, appalled and will do all I can to stop others from spending money on Cuisinart products.

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