Samsung Cell Phone D-980

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 10:27am CST by d460b02f

Company: Samsung Cell Phone D-980

Category: Other

Cell Phone D-980 / D-988. Bought Samsung cell phone. Manual es very,

very poor. No way of knowing how phone actually works. No post sales

customer service whatsoevern in the U.S.. I contacted Samsung and they

said Samsung says "Unfortunately, Samsung Telecommunications America is

unable to provide information, technical support, or repair services for

models manufactured for use in other countries, as we do not have the

knowledge base or components to provide this service." So, why are

they allowed to sell the phone in the US? I tried to for help to Samsung

in other countries, though they will not accept helping you because you

are not a resident in that country. This is one, expensive mess. So,

why are they allowed to sell this cell phone, without a basic manual, in

the US? ---- Product does not allow for warranty, as it does not allow

you to sign up at web site.


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