Dell BV - Dell-misery

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 5:27am CST by 7be1dd9b

Product: Dell Desktop Studio XPS

Company: Dell BV

Location: Postbus 59223
Amsterdam, Ne, 1040 KE, NL


Category: Other

When I tried to install my software on the computer, I found out that the computer had a wrong configuration. This could only be solved by re-installing Windows Vista from the DVD. This whole thing cost me a lot of time. After that I realized that the software that I'd bought with the computer, was no longer there, and was not on the website to download. I am 6 weeks further now, and several compaints and I still haven't received it.

After that, my DVD-burner wouldn't work, nor my printer. After two weeks, someone came over to install a new burner, but it still didn't work. They told me I had to re-install Vista again(!). I couldn't agree with that and finally had someone to install it for me, and also bring another new DVD-burner and a new motherboard.

My printer is still having trouble, but no-one is replying my calls and mails. I was to get a free upgrade to Windows 7, haven;t received it. Also, it appears not to be free: I have to pay 20 euro's for it, and have to go through a lot of administrative trouble that only gets worse every time I contact Dell about it.

I contacted several people within Dell company, even Michael Dell himself. It doesn't help at all.


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