Advance Auto Parts - 3 Defective Windshield Wiper Motors

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 6:58pm CST by cf4b473e

Company: Advance Auto Parts

Location: Interchange Road
Lehighton, PA, US

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I own a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. I have had this vehicle for 4 years now with no problems except the windhield wiper motor going bad. I called around and Advance Auto Parts had a Cardone rebuilt wiper motor with a limited/lifetime warranty at the lowest price of $94.00. The warranty was better then anyone else was offering, so I figured I would get the motor from them. What a MISTAKE that was. This was not one of the hardest repairs I've ever done, but it was harder then I thought it would be. The motor was tucked up under the firewall with hardly enough clearance to remove it. I replace the motor with the rebuilt and everything worked fine for 8 weeks. All of the sudden they started to malfunction in the same manner as the old motor I replaced. I have a friend who owns a very large auto reair business. I called him and explained what the wipers were doing. He does a lot of maintainance on the county & township police cars. They are also Crown Victoria's, he told me that he has changed so many of them that he has lost count. He continued to tell me that the cause of this problem was the electronic control module on the wiper motor malfunctioning. The module by itself couldn't be changed, the entire motor had to be changed as I did. After talking to my friend I went online and found that the National Highway Safety had a service bulletin for this car for "Uncommanded Wiper Operation". I contacted the local Ford dealer explained the problem I was having and asked if there was a recall for this vehicle, for the problem I was having. They told me there was no recall and they were not aware of this type of problem with my vehicle. I decided to get another wiper motor and see if maybe this was the problem. There was no problem getting another wiper motor from Advance. I replaced the motor again and it seemed to be alright, but then a little over a week later it started doing the same thing all over again. I stopped by another Ford dealer on my way home one day and the service & parts managers were very helpful. They shared every bit of information that both of them were aware of. The parts manager looked at how many wiper motors they had sold and also the multifunction switch as well. They sold more multifunction switches then wiper motors. Having owned a couple Taurus's in the past I had to change the multifunction switch on them as well. I figured I might as well try changing this too. I did replace the multi function switch at a cost of $100.00. I had the same problem after changing the Multi function switch. I again called Advance Auto Parts got another wiper motor, replaced it and next day same problem. At this point I had enough of this. I called Advance and told the manager I was bringing this motor back the next day and wanted a refund. Which he said would be no problem. I then called NAPA Auto Parts and ordered a rebuilt wiper motor from them. On my way to return the wiper motor I decided to stop at a Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer on the way, to talk to them about this problem. The parts dept. there was very helpful. The parts man told me a couple of times when they couldn't wait to order the part from Ford. They tried using remanufactured motors from Advance, and they had the same problems with them as I did. He told me they use nothing but new from Ford now. I explained I had already ordered on from NAPA and if I had a problem with theres I would then order one from them. I then went to Advance to return the motor and the manager I talked to the day before was off that day. I had to go through the whole story with this older women who worked there now. That wasn't bad enough but then she had to add her two cents by saying "you have another problem, all of these parts can't be defective". After all of these problems with there parts and now I need her opinion and attitude. I told her to just give me the rufund, that is all I wanted. I got the motor from NAPA and was talking to the parts man there about there reman. parts. He told me that they have had no problems with there Reman. Wiper Motors that they have sold. He stated that the company that rebuilds there's test the electronics as well as the motor itself. In concluding I would just like to say I install the reman. from NAPA about 6 weeks ago and so far everything is fine. I truely hope this is the end of this problem. I tried to contact Advance Auto Parts Home Office through there website. I sent a e-mail to them and explained the problem. I received a response from a 2nd party that handles there complaints. Stating that my complaint were received and will be turned in to the proper department. It has been over 6 weeks now and I still haven't heard from them yet. From all that I am hearing and reading about Advance Auto Parts this company is out of control. Actually it reminds me of another store that I have had dealings with. That would be Home Depot, that is how I got treated by them as well. Advance Auto Parts should make there slogan "The Home Depot of autoparts. I appologize for the length of this complaint. I will never deal with Advance Auto Parts again.

Thank You,

John Stenger

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3565e047, 2013-12-06, 07:35PM CST

FYI, The same company makes NAPA and Advance Auto parts wiper motors. Sorry for your problem but it is the reman company not Advance. But like i said the SAME company remanufactured the NAPA motor.

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