Days Inn - having$ 140. at Day Inn. And no one cares.

Posted on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 8:35am CST by 94cd3d97

Company: Days Inn

Location: 5335 Central avenue pike
Knoxsville, Tn, 37012, US

Category: Other

My wife and I travel tru Knoxsville Tn at least 2times a year, and have for over 10 years. going from Ohio to Florida. We have always stopped at the Tn welcome center, thinking if the state was passing out books with coupon's in it the motel's must be on the up and up. (wrong) We found a Days Inn at 5335 Central avenue pike Knosville Tn. 37912. For $39.00 with a in door pool and hot tub. After checking in and placing our bag's in the room my wife and I went to the pool. After returning to our room my wife took her money out of her purse and counted it. She found she missing 2 $50.00 bills, upon checking my money in my bilfold I was missing 2 $20.00 the rest of our money was their. I went to desk and asked the desk clerk John for the Knoxsville police dept phone number? John asked why? I told him we had been robbed of $140.00. John stated that count not be because their was's all over and he would look at the tape and get back with me. I returned to the room. After some time and not hearing from John my wife went to the front desk and asked John if he had looked the tape? He told her he could not they was locked in the mgr office. It would tomorrow afternoon before he would be their. John stated he could not call the mgr either.John then gave her the phone number to the Knoxsville police dept. As I was making the report over the phone the young lady taking it said thing's didn't sound right, she asked me to hold on. When she returned to the phone she stated she had just talked to John and he stated no one was in the room but he and us. That we asked him to check on water running in the bath room while we was at the pool. This we never did ask him to go to our room. After making the report, we went to the desk. I asked John why he told the police we asked him to check our room? John looked at us and said "I can not beleive you two don't remember asking me to check your room"After some heated word's we returned to our room. After talking about it we went to the front desk and talked to the lady their. John had left for the night. We told the lady we was not staying their and asked for a refund. She did that. How ever Days Inn placed a $57.00 hold on our account even tho the room was $39.00. It took over a week before Days Inn removed the hold. We have talked to Corporate Days Inn. We was told they could not do any thing about it Days Inn is a franise in knoxsville. We told them we have since found out that John was a convicted felon in Tn for house theft. Corporate stated all that is up to the ownner of the franise. The ounner of Days Inn in Knoxsville has never talked to us. He has passed information to us thru his office mrg. His hole answer to our problem was for us to stay in his Inn free for a night. YES we will go back and stay in that same room where John a convicted felon is still working so he can rip us off again. Oh I forgot the holiday's are comming up. Don't trust that book's of cupon's that the state of Tn. pass's out at their welcome center's. I get feeling that maybe Tn is saying welcome to Tn where you will be ripped off, and no one care's. We know we will never see our money but how many other people have been ripped off by John in the one and a half years he has worked their at Days Inn. He still works their. remember don't stay in Days Inn they don't care that their ownners hire convicted felon's and people get ripped off. FOR SURE DON'T TRUST COUPON'S THE STATE OF TNN PASS'S OUT. FOR SURE DON'T STAY AT DAYS INN 5335 Central avenue pike Knosville TN> 37912

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28e147d6, 2009-11-14, 08:59PM CST

You are completely at the mercy of the manager of any Days Inn. I made reservations for one in Alton, Illinois so I could go to a wedding on a boat nearby. We got going late and finally had to call the hotel and advise them we could not arrive to check in until after the wedding, since it was on a boat which would be leaving soon. That was OK until we arrived after 1 AM and was told the manager gave our room away and there was no other rooms in town. We had a confirmed reservation and they had our credit card, but still they turned us away. They did not charge us, but we had a 2 hour drive home at 1 AM after drinking heavily at the wedding. I will never use Days Inn again. I complained to the Corporate and they said tough. Each unit is individually owned and they have no control over them.

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