Thoroughbred Auto Parts - Thoroughbred Auto Parts sold wrong part

Posted on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 2:41pm CST by bc2a4154

Product: Subaru Brat window regulator

Company: Thoroughbred Auto Parts

Location: 42 Gailor rd.
Gansevoort, Ne, 12831, US

Category: Other

On October 6th I ordered a 1982 Subaru Brat drivers door window regulator. After 2 weeks I called to confirm the order and to track it. The part had not been sent yet. I got an apology, and was told that Bill at Thoroughbred had taken care of it and it would be sent out that day. I called a week later to track it again, and it still had not been sent out. Infact they had no record of my order. I checked my bank statement and I had been charged $60.00 on October 6th. I called back again the first part of November and they said it was sent out and they gave me a tracking number. The part came November 6th. My first chance to install the regulator came on November 14th and it turns out, it's the wrong part. I tried to send an e-mail but it was undeliverable, I tried to call, but there was no answer. As it turns out, the part was sent from Penrose Auto Salvage in Penrose, Co., and the receipt in the shipment was only for $30.00.

I feel like I've been ripped off. This was a hard to find part anyways. Now I have to start my almost impossible search again.

Larry, Gig Harbor, Wa.


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