Rocking Horse Ranch - Deadbeat / Joe Leblanc

Posted on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 1:51pm CST by 1263a7f1

Product: Contractor

Company: Rocking Horse Ranch

Location: 133 Harriman Hill Rd

Category: Building, Construction

Joe does not pay his help he writes checks that bounce and everyday has a new story as to where the money is.


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e24682a5, 2009-12-14, 07:26PM CST


b1749696, 2010-01-19, 08:13PM CST

Same story here.Always a story about everything.Totally and completely full of !@#$Q!@#$%!&^@#! crap of the worst kind.STAY CLEAR!

1b4d2078, 2010-03-03, 03:13PM CST

my name is peter and he owes me 1,000 dollers. and he has been giving me all kinds of stories. oooh my wife i need to wait for her , its in the mail, imat the irs building cant get to the bank, i will call you tomorrow,bla blah blah blah.. ive gone to the nh labor board had a hearing and won still no payment. filed with the superior court and they put a lean on his house still no payment. endless phone calls to his house and cell rarely an answer or a return call. this man just wants your service and does not pay

15464490, 2010-10-14, 01:24PM CDT

This complaint comes from some one that destroyed @2000.00 worth of wood work and did not get paid.There is no gambling problem and the pills are precription for blood pressure and for back pain which is a little stronger than advil and is not narcodic.

268c18ea, 2010-11-25, 09:36PM CST

I have known joe for a long time. He has had his issues, but today i would not be where I am if it was not for him

b054d6ce, 2012-05-15, 05:52PM CDT

May 2012 and he's still at it. But is now using stolen checks and forging false receipts.... WAY TO GO.........

efaa4ef5, 2012-08-16, 03:59PM CDT

I use to work for joe and he often offered me rx vicodine and percocets, along with telling me he could get any drugs, i stopped working for him at uis "farm".......

fddfb8ca, 2013-12-28, 11:15PM CST

May 2013 Don't hire Joe LeBlanc from either address, Raymond NH or Stoughton MA Totally bad news run the other way. He produces bad work and takes off with your money. He lies and has an excuse for everything.

fddfb8ca, 2013-05-07, 10:24AM CDT

May 2013 Don't hire Joe LeBlanc from either address Raymond NH or Stoughton MA. Totally BAD news. Run the other way. He produces bad work and takes off with your money. He lies and has an excuss for everything.

MauiLisa M., 2013-12-28, 01:44PM CST

Preys on Elderly woman, children, and young constuction workers looking for work.Joseph F Leblanc Markets himself as a contractor and recently ripped off a bunch of elderly woman, young mothers & their children and many workers displacing a young family from their home right before the holidays, collecting checks and cash up over 100 thousand dollars steeling credit card information and charging materails to return them for cash. Ripping off elderly woman, contruction workers, children and the disabled. He needs to be stopped he is a pathalogical liar who hangs out at bingo halls and poker games and casinos to drum up business with workers and patrons alike mostly preying on old woman.He under prices jobs collects deposits and cashes checks from where ever he can get them. He drives a 1995 white volvo wagon with new hamshire plates that have the numbers 789 on the plate help stop him report him to stoughton police. He is after your grandmother, sister, brother and child

fddfb8ca, 2013-12-28, 03:51PM CST

Joe came and wrote up a price and asked for 1/2 for deposite to buy materials. I live in Maine and the house he met me at where the work was to be done was in Mass. He said he would begin the next day. He didn't show. I call the bank here in Maine where the check was from to cancel it and they told me it was cashed the day before, the day I wrote it. He drove to Maine to cash it at the bank it was from. He said he was from Stoughton MA but was driving some sort of SUV jeep type thing with NH plates. I call his cell and left a message that I had his licesen information because the bank wrote it on the back of the check when he cashed it that I was calling the police. No sooner I said that he called back saying his truck was broken and would come the next day. He did show up the next day with a couple pieces of lumber stayed an hour and left. This went on about 2 weeks making excuses why he couldn't come and doing poor work. I tried getting $600 work and materials out of him before I got rid of him but it didn't work. I ended up hiring another person to fix his crap work and told him he better give me all my money back or Iwas going to the police in MA and NH. To my surprise he send a money gram to Wal-Mart and it was there. He's a lier and does crap work. All I can say is CALL THE POLICE.

Brian R., 2014-04-03, 05:42PM CDT

I too was taken by this can I find him so I can give the court his location to serve him.he needs to pay for his actions.

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