Fairways at Wilson Creek SCAM

Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 3:31pm CST by d567a547

Product: Apartment Homes

Company: Fairways at Wilson Creek SCAM

Location: 3191 Medical Center Drive
McKinney, TX, 75069, US

Category: Other

Corporate Office is:


8000 IH-10 WEST,SUITE 1200


PH:210.733.6125 FAX:210.733.6178

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a formal complaint against the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments in McKinney, TX. They are located at 3191 Medical Center Drive in McKinney, TX.

On October 7th, we contacted the office of Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments. Due to an economic lay off, we were having to move across country from CT to TX where we could afford to live. Seeing as we were breaking a lease in CT to move to TX, the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments requested a letter from our current landlord stating they knew we were breaking a lease and that we had arranged payments be made to the landlord to pay for the fine due to leaving the apartment before the lease was up.

My landlord in CT refused to supply the letter. The Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments was adamant that we would not be allowed to move in until we got the letter. While we continued to pack up and negotiate a letter out of the landlord in CT, the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments started calling wanting to reserve the apartment they had available for us.

My mother contacted the office at the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments and paid $306 for the first months deposit, application fees, etc with my personal debit card. This was contingent on us officially being approved once the landlord provided the letter from CT.

If this letter never surfaced, we were not approved.

After 72 hours, we knew we would not be getting a letter from our landlord in CT. They were changing the fine and we needed to get to TX ASAP. We found an apartment complex in Plano, TX that did not request the letter from the landlord in CT.

When we contacted the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments and told them we found another place because we were not going to be able to get approved by them. We were told by a man in the accounting department that they would refund the deposit since we never moved in. We only owed $50.

After repeated calls to the manager requesting a refund of all but $50, she never answered the phone or returned our voicemails. Weeks went by, she never contacted us.

We finally had to take the matter up with the bank to refute the charges on the debit card. They had not approved us, they had not provided us a receipt, they had not had official authorization from us to use the debit card, and they would not communicate so we were forced to take it up with the bank.

After a month, the apartments refused to give the money back so the bank had no choice but to not give us back the $256. Since the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments would not and had not provided us any proof any transaction, the bank said they would refund the money if we provided a receipt.

My husband went to the office of the Fairways at Wilson Creek Apartments on November 13th, asking to speak with the manager. She was too busy chewing on someone for being a racist to even speak with my husband regarding the matter.

As soon as the assistant manager realized who my husband was, they threatened to call the police to have him removed from the premises.

The have not provided us with a receipt or even a "lease". If this was the deposit and we never moved in because we never could get the documentation to get approved, why did they keep the entire amount paid?

I am requesting contact from someone in the corporate office. At this point, it is a matter of principle. I have sent a certified letter to the apartments & the corporate office itself in McKinney, TX and San Antonio, TX telling them my side of the story and officially asking in writing for the return of the money.

I filed a complaint with the BBB today. If this is not resolved soon, I will be taking this to small claims court.


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