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Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 11:05am CST by 47681e89

Product: Breezes Resort @ Rio Bueno

Company: Breezes Rio Bueno

Location: PO Box 222800
Hollywood, FL, 33022, US


Category: Other

We checked in on Sun Nov 8. When we arrived, we found this resort to be like a townhouse community. We were put up in a room about 1/5 mile from the main area of the resort. Once we opened the balcony doors, they is bat excrement and urine on the chairs and the floors. We complained about that from the start. This particular resort has the slowest food service. On average, 30-40 minutes to receive meals and one meal took 55 minutes. No Crown Royal liquor till Thur Nov 12. Pool bar stunk of old beer. Itinerary we were supplied said complimentary golf, manicure, pedicure, 24 hr room service....NONE OF THAT IS TRUE! Effective Nov 1, they changed all the rules.....Of course after we booked back in April 2009. No one notified us of the changes. Breezes said it's the travel agency who made the mistake. We use Liberty Travel extensively and have had 100% satisfaction with their agents and service. Kinda hard to believe they dropped the ball.

Last night at 4:15pm, our room was still not made up.....And the bat excrement and urine is STILL THERE!. They came to scrub it down and the resolution was to leave the light on....It didn't work. More crap on the chairs and floor. Could not spend any time on our balcony at all! Complained to manager and today they offer to move us to another room. The food here is marginal at best. No snack shacks to justt grab a sandwich and run...You have to sit down and wait the 20-30 min to get served. So, here's the kicker.....After we complained about the room, Last night housekeeping shows up at 10:45pm to see if we want any more towels! Not once has that been offered. Then this morning, a knock on the door at 7:15am by service personnel awakens us....We complained about being harassed and NOTHING WAS DONE! We still have the bat excrement and urine on the balcony.

We have been to Breezes Bahamas and Curacao in the past and had a great experience there. So, we are not picky vacationers by any means. The other couple who traveled with us are even more upset with the conditions here and their experience is not as bad as ours as far as the room goes......BTW, we took a $28 per person shopping tour to Ocho Rios and broke down for 20 min on the way there. We watched the driver almost burn his face and hands as he took the radiator cap off and spew steam all over the van we were in. After we arrived, he must have told one of the locals the tourists are here and a guy portrayed to work at Breezes Rio Bueno tried to work us over by escorting us to a restaurant and giving us beads...Of course he was looking for a tip......The driver set us up! We onlyt went to one store the entire time.....That was a wasted $112.

The chairs in the Italian rasta were the most uncomfortable seat ever. The resort even boasts about a 3pm to 2am buffet!!! Check this out...its only a salad bar, a coffee bar, and a small desert bar....No way that should be listed as a buffet.....

We would have felt better if the resort management worked to compensate for the miserable vacation were having. False advertising, sub-par service and performance, unsanitary conditions exist here. We made a terrieble mistake coming here.

There is other deficiencies here, but I should have wrote them down and shared with everyone here. This is my first post ever and truly hope its my last!

So, safe to say this crappy resort will NEVER gain our business again! Spend your money on a cruise or go to Sandals where I'm sure its better than this place........


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