Atlas World Movers - Atlas Movers Loses ALL My Family's Valuables

Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 11:54am CST by c3e95e7b

Product: Moving

Company: Atlas World Movers

Location: 1212 St. George Road
Evansville, IN, 47711-2364, US


Category: Other

I trusted Atlas World Movers with my entire household. While the trailer containing the entire contents of my household sat in an unfenced, unsupervised lot for one week, all of the locks of the trailer were cut and my family's most valuable and cherished possessions were stolen. Many were heirlooms as well as years of family photography and family videos and original artwork.

I had purchased "Full Value Protection" coverage from Atlas for when I signed my contract. At Altas' request, I completed a detailed itemized list of all of the missing item and their replacement costs based on internet research.

Atlas has in turn offered 10% of the replacement value of my possessions. Their claim department has flatly denied my pleading for a reasonable assessment of my claim and has refused to issue any kind of appology. I paid my bill of over $5000.00 in good faith that they would honor our contract.

This event has been the single most psychologically and emotionally straining experience that I have ever had. After two years, I have yet to replace 10% of my family's replaceable property that was stolen and have received $0 dollars and zero support from Atlas.

Anyone interested knowing more can contract me through to request copies of my correspondence with Atlas.


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