Steve's Pizza - Swearing Words and Racist Remark

Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2009 at 8:59pm CST by 31d54e4e

Product: Pizza

Company: Steve's Pizza

Location: Howe Avenue, Sacramento
Sacramento, CA, 95825, US


Category: Other

I visited Steve's Pizza yesterday at 7.30 pm (at howe ave, sacramento) to pick up the pizzas we had ordered - a veg pizza and a pepperoni mushroom pizza. One of the staff at this restaurant named Jonie did not put a topping that i had ordered on my veg pizza ie., cilantro. I reminded her about it, she got instantly mad at me, and said the cilantro is already added in the sauce. I said, well i ordered it as a topping so I would want it to be on the pizza, and anyways i couldnt see any cilantro in the sauce either, there was absolutely no cilantro in the sauce. I told her 3 to 4 times but she didn't put it and got mad and started yelling at me and made a racist remark, racist remark against me.

This person tells me, "you know this is how it is over here", "this is how we are, i hope you understand that" - all this for a topping of cilantro for which they charge you and you have paid for it???

I got stressed about this whole thing, took the pizzas, went out and called my husband and told him to call and speak with steve's and tell them to put the topping I had ordered. My husband called them and told them, they said they will. I went back and there was this same psychotic lady, jonie, she looked at me angrily and said, "so you want lots of cilantro huh?? okay i will get you "lots" of cilantro, alright?" took my pizza box, went in a corner and called me a 'bitch' and some 2-3 words which i couldn't hear properly. And this other guy working at Steve's came to her, patted on her back saying "take it easy" and went away.

I have been ordering a Pizza from Steve's for 1 year, they have lost our business, our friends and family's business forever. I have made aware all the people I know who belong to my country about it, and they have taken a vow that they will never enter this particular place. Shame on you Steve's Pizza.

When I told the Manager about it, he said "well, thats the way it is you know.. it depends upon who is making the pizza, they put toppings according to their style".. Wow! Lol! Well, first thing is, we are paying for each topping separately, so obviously, we want it the way we want it, with the toppings we have paid for!

Another thing i did not mention is, the pizzas did not even arrive and jonie comes and tells me - "so your pizzas have arrived.. don't you think you should just pay now?" after i paid by debit card, she told me to enter the pin#, i heard it as my phone# and started giving my phone# (since i heard it as phone) and she stopped me and says "hey hey hey.. what the??? i asked you to enter the damn pin#!!!" in an extremely rude and angry way. the person who works here ie., jonie, seems deeply disturbed and needs psychiatric treatment. A normal person wouldn't call someone a bitch or make a racist remark.

I have also lodged a complaint about their disturbed and mentally ill staff jonie who called me a Bitch and made a disgusting racial remark, but Steve's Pizza has done nothing about it.

When considering to eat at Steve's Pizza PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider. You are so much better off eating else where and avoid the racism that goes on here. Somewhere that does not promote racism and appreciates your business!

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3eda6066, 2010-04-02, 02:41AM CDT

You are so full of crap. Jonie is the sweetest girl ever.

Considering you can't manage to string a coherent

Sentence together my guess is anything missing

From the pizza was only due to your poor, moronic,

Communication skills. Steve's rules!

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