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I bought a vaccum cleaner and this trip was offered as a bonus. I was told to mail in $50.00 to ETTSI and I had a year to schedule my trip. The trip had to be taken with in a year.When I saw I wasn't able to take the trip I contacted Vacation of a Lifetime office and they told me the request has to be made in writing. I did that! When I called to check the status, I was told I had to wait 60 days for the refund to be processed. I am now being told I was only eligible for a refund for the first 30 days. I am a single mom and can't afford to be ripped off. I hope this will help someone else from being taken by these crooks!


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002705f7, 2010-05-15, 10:10AM CDT

So, did you get your money back eventually?

e8bcf0af, 2010-09-16, 03:27PM CDT

I have had problems getting my refund back too. I was told put it in writing and it would be posted to the account. When it wasn't posted, I called. No return call. I have called and left messages for 5 different employees, one who said on her voicemail she'd call back in 24 hours. LIARS!!! I wrote the President of the company, FRANK BERTALLI, so we'll see what happens.

2900163e, 2011-02-19, 02:43AM CST


Go to the Better Business Bureau website in Orlando, Florida. Here is the URL:


You will be surprised to find that ETTSI has an A rating. This is because they almost always refund your money when the BBB agent is following up on your complaint. You can give them the details and your ETTSI customer and invoice numbers. Once the follow up was done, the check was in the mail by the deadline the BBB imposed on them to provide a response.

I suspect that this is ETTSI's approach. They will try to hold on to your fee until the BBB pursues it. Then they will refund it quickly to maintain their BBB business rating.

THIS IS THE SECRET! Everyone, go get your money back!

11ac7e1b, 2011-05-10, 05:06PM CDT

I got this trip as a bonus for purchasing a trial membership at a timeshare resort company. I sent my $50 in and then tried to schedule my trip before the year was out. I sent in the request over 90 days in advance. I called seven times to follow-up. The 1st follow-up I was told it was going to be 30-60 days before the date of my trip before the reservation would be completed. So, I waited until within the time window for the 2nd call. The company reached out to me with a question from the resort. I responded. Then, I hear nothing for weeks. I finally called and kept being told it is "pending". Now, I wait until the 30 day window has passed. I call every day. First, "not available but I have to check with the hotel so call back tomorrow". Then, "pending" everyday. I left messages several times with no return phone call within the period as well so I spoke with them 7 times but called more like 10-12. Finally, after the 7th time of "it's pending" I ask to speak with a manager and get told that there is no one else to speak with and that the woman on the phone is the manager. I ask her who her boss is and am told no one. Apparently, this is a 1 woman operation for reservations because I couldn't speak to anyone else other than her and she has no supervisor. She argued with me when I told her that I keep calling and told me that I don't understand what this is about. She was obnoxious. This is the vacation of a lifetime that YOU CAN NEVER USE. DO NOT ACTIVATE THE CERTIFICATE. I see from the note above that I am also never going to get my refund! I have to submit a request in writing to get my money back. I was told it takes 60 days to process. I asked her if I am going to have to call on day 67 and day 68 to get my refund. She said "PROBABLY". There is no customer service there at all for the people who want to use certificates. This was the worst experience. Don't waste your money. By the way the $50 turns into another over $25 per night. You might as well go on a website and pay for it yourself. She actually told me it would go faster "if I actually paid for my vacation". I am booking my dates but not with this company. Why would I give them another nickel. This company is a bunch of crooks! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE YOUR TIME!

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