Sears - Calling Sears for Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 at 9:59am CST by 717f0c69

Product: Chamberlain /2 Horsepower Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener

Company: Sears

Location: Sanford, FL, 32771, US


Category: Other

I purchased this product with installation from The installer put it in last Friday. On Tuesday, it stopped working. The electric eyes are not functioning. Per the manual this could be an installation or product failure issue. I figure start with Sears first. I call the installer and get no response to voicemail. I call Sears installation. They tell me I need to call service department. I call service department and am on hold for over thirty minutes and get cut off. I call again and get someone after five minutes. She says no I should call installation department. I tell her they told me to call them. She says she needs to connect me with a technical person. She puts me on hold. Twenty minutes go by. She comes in periodically. I get cell phone and call installation again. This person offers to bump me up to someone and actually gives me a number in case I get cut off. I now have two phones on hold to what sounds like the same music. The second one gets through first. That person wants to transfer me to a technician - ten minutes go by and now they will send someone out - of course with a four hour time window to trap me in house all afternoon on my day off which is now half wasted anyway after being tied next to the phone for an hour and a half. Hopefully this thing will get fixed, but I'm never going to deal with Sears again for something like this. I can deal with things occasionally being defective - this product had good reviews, but I do not see how Sears could not handle something that probably does happen in some fashion on a daily basis in a better fashion.


717f0c69, 2009-11-11, 04:33PM CST

To add insult to injury the technician never showed up at the time indicated. I called Sears back, and the guy I get says that it is unlikely that I would be told that someone would come the same day. So now I'm delusional. He has sent an email and phone message to the installer whom I already left a message with. These people are clueless. I do not see how this will ever be resolved.

717f0c69, 2010-01-21, 07:28PM CST

Persistence did pay off. The installer finally did contact me, and came back. It was a simple fix and he did it. No problems since. Advice is to get through to the national service people and keep at them. Years ago I did have problems with Sears and a Kenmore stove, it took several repair attempts before they gave up and gave me a new one.

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