Skype - Why I stop using Skype

Posted on Sunday, November 1st, 2009 at 3:59am CST by 1c62126d

Product: Skype telephone submission

Company: Skype

Location: No address, that is the problem!


Category: Other

I got an email on 4th of August 2009 that my account would be credited for 972,00 euro while the contract only allowed a maximum of 10 Euro. It took me some days to find out that Skype mixed up the English and the European notation; They should have written 9.72 Euro and they also should have written another date (4 August instead of 8 April).

It is not only this message that made me suspicious about using Skype. The other reason that I stop using Skype is that I could not contact customer service. I could not find a telephone number, no email address, no physical post address. No one to explain what problems were caused. I could not contact Skype in Ethiopia or back home in Germany. This worried me most. Imagine that Skype makes the mistake to take a few hundreds of Euro from you account, how can you claim the company?

I have cancelled my submission, changed my credit card data and stop using Skype. My main reason is that the company meant to facilitate communication has no customer service and cannot communicate with customers!


Lex Hogenbosch,

Skype name: lex2005


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