Emirates Airlines - Poor Service at Emirates Airlines

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2009 at 1:47pm CST by c5666355

Company: Emirates Airlines

Location: Dubai
Dubai, AE

URL: http://www.emirates.com/

Category: Other

I was on an "Emirates Airlines" flight heading from Dubai to Bahrain.

Fifteen minutes after boarding schedule long lines af passengers were moving very slow to head out of the boarding terminal as there was only one person checking the boarding passes.

To everybody's surprise instead allowing the people to go inside the plane they were all gathered into another terminal hall???

And once there they were only allowed to go into the plane with priority to the Emirates Airlnes Club Members, Business, First Class and then people with different zone indications. This was a very tedious process which resulted in late take off.

Once inside there was a very rude flight attendant by the name of Indranil. I was surrounded by Asians coming on a transfer flight from india and this was his opportunity to mistreat these people by shouting:

"If you want to eat open your trays."

The passenger in front of me put back his seat so I half opened my tray otherwhys it would have hit my stomach if fully opened. Indranil came over and without saying a word slammed the tray open and hit my stomach with it. I asked a flight attendant by the name of Susan to summon the cabin crew manager, and towards the end of the flight was informed by Susan that the cabin crew manager couldn't come because she was busy.

later on the rude flight attendant asked me if I wanted the cabin crew manager and I told him no because I didn't want to speak to him.

As I was leaving the airpline I found the cabin crew manager at the exit and she confirmed to me that nobody informed her that she was needed.


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