Budget Rent A Car System - eToll charges through Budget Rental Car

Posted on Sunday, March 1st, 2009 at 10:08pm CST by 308a2d09

Product: Car rental

Company: Budget Rent A Car System

Location: Budget Rent A Car System Stewart Airport 1130 First Street

Category: Travel, Vacations

The automatic toll pass installed in the vehicle we rented was not fully explained at the rental desk. The result was the daily surcharges fees exceeded the total cash tolls accumulated. In addition, Budget does not know the toll fees at time of vehicle turn in. The customer must go to www.e-tolls.com to get the actual toll charges while the vehicle is rented.


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794ca6da, 2009-07-09, 07:01AM CDT

I had the same experience. My rental in mid-June 2009 had one of these devices. No mention to us that it would automatically pay tolls (one could not tell if it was an extra service to be purchased, etc). Got home and got charged additional fees for the tolls which I had already paid along the way.

This is only one of several problems I had with Budget, none of which were resolved by their customer "service" department.

Buyer beware! This is NOT a reputable company; poor service, rude customer support, deceptive advertizing! Stay away from them!

1162c355, 2009-08-31, 07:54AM CDT

Same problem-- not a word about etoll system and then got charged for it.

ripoff. Disputed with credit card company

e0c61b1f, 2009-11-17, 08:24AM CST

I also rented a car from Budget that was equipped with an eToll device. It was not explained or even mentioned at the time of rental, but i received a bill for its use after my trip. i was careful to always keep the device closed while driving, but still was billed for tolls and daily convenience fee. Either the device was defective and was actually active when closed, or Budget simply bills regardless of whether it is used or not.

The rental agent seemed quite annoyed when I declined all the optional overpriced insurance coverage, so this must be their way of making up for lost revenue.

ba993ed5, 2009-12-08, 01:01PM CST

My experience is that the toll pass was not explained or mentioned at all. I did not sign for this service. Furthermore when I submitted receipts for the tolls, they were denied because the time stamp was off on the receipts vs their system. Of course it is so easy to believe someone is driving through tolls twice just for the shear fun it. Deplorable, customer service. Being treated like a made a violation.

I will never rent from AVIS/Budget again.

8bf99fec, 2009-12-28, 12:17PM CST

Same thing. I received toll charges to my credit card. What a rip-off.

22c87358, 2010-03-10, 11:41AM CST

Very disappointed with Budget for associating with this company. It is named "The Highway Toll Administration" or e-Toll out of Great Neck, NY. I did not use the service when traveling in San Francisco, but was charged $11.50 for a toll (I paid cash for the $4). When I called e-Toll, they were rude and clearly depend on a shady business model.

If anyone is interested in pressing a Class Action claim against Budget Rental and/or E-Toll, I think there is something BIG here

fb77141c, 2010-06-29, 02:35PM CDT

I experienced the same problem. The etoll pass (box) was opened when I picked up the rental car from Budget (Budget's maintenance problem). I was not notified of the etoll pass features and usage fees by the Budget rep at the counter. It was my first time traveling to the Boston area and without the knowledge of etoll pass (box), I proceeded to the "Cash Only" and paid tolls 2 times to get to Cambridge. Later in the day I noticed the etoll box, read the instructions and closed the box but I was charged daily usage fee of the etoll pass for the duration of my rental agreement. Be aware of the daily usage fee charged for the duration of your rental once the etoll box is opened even if you don't use it or don't need to pass through toll roads later in your rental.

7a3d99c1, 2010-06-30, 05:01PM CDT

Same thing here, only through Avis instead of Budget. Got charged on my credit card 4 months after the actual car rental, but no receipt and no notification. Got charged an activation fee even though I didn't use it or authorize it. Avis said that they are not responsible for e-toll and that I need to contact them, even though I signed a contract with Avis (not e-toll), and the charge on my credit card clearly says Avis/e-toll. What a runaround. Employees at e-toll are rude and argumentative, and are basically fleecing people but hide behind Avis. Avis should find another partner. I travel a lot and have given Avis lots of business over the last 25 years, but they've lost a customer over a less than $20 feel.

b0849fc7, 2010-11-01, 05:51PM CDT

Same happened to me. Budget never explained at the retntal desk about the e-toll. I paid cash on all tolls but Budget charged my credit card $23.45 for e-toll. What is scan !!!

8ddb8bc5, 2011-01-23, 02:21AM CST

I rented a car from budget last September, and was charged over $40 in toll fees that supposedly took place in NY. Problem was, the car was never IN NY!! It was only in MA and I never once got remotely close to a toll to have the damn thing activated. I was refunded the charges once Budget checked it out, but now I discovered that the etoll website has listed that I still owe the outstanding balance! Budget just gave me back the money and left the bill in my name as unpaid!

The car was returned in Oct 2010, and now in Jan 2011 I just got charged again for a toll in PA from this past week... FOR A CAR I RETURNED 3 MONTHS AGO! This is absolutely ridiculous! If there is a class action suit against them, I want in.

25018c25, 2011-03-16, 12:18PM CDT

Why the heck someone is not doing something about it???!!!!??

I am from Canada and I was just charged $ 45.80 for a missed toll of $ 0.80 - 7 months ago even though the budget rental car had a transponder.

What a scam !!!!!!!

1753986a, 2011-03-28, 09:09AM CDT

WE have been charged for a car we were not driving! We had broken down and had to have a replacement car sent out to us, we got charged for the tolls this new car went through whilst it was on the back of a Tow Truck on it's way to us.

Budget are a disgrace they won't do anything about it. The toll people say Budget have to give them proof the car was not in our posession!

What a RIP OFF will never use BUDGET again.

WE have also been charged a daily rate for tolls, which were obviously unaware of and had paid all our tolls at the booths as we went through them! If we had known we were being charged at least we could have got some use out of it.

c300302b, 2011-07-09, 03:09PM CDT

Yes, this eToll "service" is a TOTAL ripoff!! I was charged a $15 fee on top of a single, $1.50 toll-- ridiculous!!

I sent Budget an email complaint. I'll never use Budget again if they fail to respond to my complaint in a constructive sort of way!!!!!

ed2d860d, 2014-03-26, 06:18PM CDT

Budget tacked an e-toll charge on our credit card. When I dug further, the charge was for going through a toll in Orlando, FL but I was in Clearwater, FL that morning and never went near Orlando. Fortunately, I have a credit card receipt showing the time I was in Clearwater. Budget was not helpful whatsoever in this matter and said e-toll was responsible and that I should call them. When I called e-toll, they said the DOT of Florida was responsible for notifying them about the toll and they would send a pic of the rental car and license plate once they request one from the Dot. So then I called the DOT and gave the rental car's license, make, color, and time and place of the supposed toll, there was no record of a toll. I can only conclude that this is a scam. I now am sending a copy of the credit card receipt to e-toll and will also contact the credit card company. This reminds me of being guilty until I prove my innocence.

En R., 2014-08-18, 04:56PM CDT

This is quite simply the worse customer 'service' experience I ever had. I went to check out the car, the budget agent blatantly refused to check it in. Entered her car and drove home. An then I was over-charged for the car rental. And as if that was not bad enough, abut two months later I receive another superfluous charge called "budgettolls". So for a rental with a face value of around $100 I ended up paying about $350!!!! that is no good deal by any standards!!!


b859aa43, 2015-01-02, 08:40AM CST

I agree. Not sure how Budget is still in business with lies and cheating customers. Stay away

One of the worst customer service experiences and they lie about fees and charges. I have better options to rent a car so I m done with budget. You think you are getting a good deal but your not. It's also not worth the headaches.

50ba4449, 2015-07-06, 04:56AM CDT

I had the same problem with Budget. Got a "toll charge" even though I had used my personal E-Z Pass to pay all tolls. Budget kept repeating in various emails that I had to contact Highway Toll Authority and that Budget had no role in the toll charges. That is BS! The toll charges are billed by Budget. And my contract was with Budget, not the Highway Toll Authority. Looking to file a class action in VA!

HoustonCity Librarian, 2015-12-20, 02:43PM CST


Chase Bank - Corporate Headquarters

270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017

Highway Toll Administration LLC

66 Powerhouse Road, Suite 301, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Re: 11/30 BUDGET RENTACARTOLLS 866-?642-?2000 NY $13.75

Opening/Closing Date: 11/03/15 ? 12/02/15

I have reviewed the bill for $13.70 from Highway Toll Administration LLC (?HTA?). The words ?Highway Toll Administration? rings like a government agency. At first I thought it was a government agency of the state of Missouri, or perhaps a federal agency. I have investigated this situation. I have received material from HTA, and I have done some online research. I have considered the actions of the driver of the vehicle, and of the agent at the toll booth.

At (https://htallc.com/default.aspx) I see that the ?Highway Toll Administration? uses transponder-based system and license-plate-based video system. I am not familiar with, nor am I responsible for, ?Toll Roads? (https://htallc.com/TollRoads.aspx) or ?Toll Authorities? (https://htallc.com/Availability.aspx) or any arrangements that Highway Toll Administration LLC (HTC) has with these Toll Roads, Toll Authorities, or with the numerous rental car companies.

It seems to me that if any party under the instant circumstances should be responsible for a toll fee, it should be HTA. HTA set up this situation with Budget Rent-a-Car and with the Toll Road(s) and Toll Authority(s) and credit card company. With respect to paying the toll authorities that need the money for roads, the arrangement with HTA is an inefficient, costly, and deceptive service. Most people have credit cards or zip-passes and these could be used very efficiently. This way the toll authorities could receive a lot more money without HTA being involved.

HTA (htallc.com) is a service provider to the big car rental companies to install electronic toll transponders in rental cars and then collect the charges from each renter. The problem is that they do this by deceptive and predatory fees. It is silly for the daily surcharge fees to exceeded the total cash tolls accumulated. Budget Rent-a-Car is not an agent or a spokesperson for HTA.

When a driver has $4.00 in his hand and is willing to pay the toll attendant, and when the toll booth sign announces that the toll fee is $4.00, and when the driver tells the attendant that he is driving a rental vehicle and offers to pay, and when the attendant tells the driver that apparently the rental company has paid for the drive-through arrangement, and when the start-to-end period of this situation made it appear that this arrangement most likely existed, it defies common sense to bill the driver for the $4.00 and certainly for a fee of $9.70 more than the toll would have even cost.

I am not responsible for ascertaining whether the agents who work at the tollbooths are agents or spokespersons for HTA, or vice versa.

HTA is responsible for communication problems and should be more responsible. My arrangement with Budget Rent-a-Car did not transcend into an agreement with HTA or a credit card company or an additional agreement with Rent-a-Car. Multiply HTA?s scam by a LOT of consumers, and it could come out to a pretty big scam in terms of dollars. The attorney general of all 50 states should be notified of this.


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