US Bank - US Bank Fraud

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 6:48pm CDT by 3dfd01b0

Product: Us Bank Accounts

Company: US Bank

Location: Portland, OR, 97230, US


Category: Other

I had an account with US bank that I had tried to cancel many times in 2006. Yet, they kept charging me after I would try to cancel my account and charge me their monthly service fee. So, I would go into the Us branch again and again to try to cancel this account. They refused to cancel it for me. Finally, after several attempts to cancel this account, I talked to a supervisor and owner of this branch on Glisan, who promised me it was closed and gave me proof of a zero balance and closure.

Now, 3 years later, they are trying to say that I have an overdraft fee of 376.23. The date they gave me of the overdraft fee occurance was 09/14/06 when I had already canceled my account 09/07/06. How could I have an overdraft fee when my account was already closed?

No they have finally, like I said 3 years later, sent it to a credit collection agency. This is a bogus scam, I am going to get a lawyer and dispute every charge. Both companies, the bank and the collection agency, refuse to give me any written documentation of this incident.

Do not go to this bank. They will never let you close an account. It is impossible to ever close your personal account. They refuse to loose your business and will do anything to get money out of you.


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