Panasonic - Panasonic Plasma (42) died after 18 months

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 2:49pm CDT by c0268cc8

Product: 42pz77u

Company: Panasonic

Location: US

Category: Other

Approximately eighteen months ago, I purchased a 42 inch plasma Panasonic television from Sears (model number: 42pz77u). The picture quality was fantastic, and the television performed flawlessly.

On Saturday morning, the television displayed the infamous "seven blinking red lights of death" and died. When we attempt to turn on the unit, the only thing that happens is that the red light on the front of the television blinks seven times. We have swapped out power cords and switched the television to different outlets, but nothing has worked. The unit is dead.

After consulting Google for several hours, I determined that this particular line of Panasonic plasma sets is prone to power supply failures. Even if one acknowledges a 3% failure rate for most television sets, there are an unusually high number of complaints about the Panasonic plasma units purchased in 2007 and 2008. In fact, if one searches Google with the phrase "My plasma television will not turn on," most of the top-level search results are from people who have had problems with these Panasonic models.

Apparently, these sets are notorious for being released with faulty power management. The "back-light inverter board" is said to be the source of the problem. Unfortunately, it's not easy to track down and replace the problematic board. When one factors in parts and labor, it almost makes sense to buy a new television set.


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76c2e682, 2009-09-17, 09:15AM CDT

my panasonic TH-PZ80U 42 inch plasma died about a week ago. We had it for 12 months and 9 days. The tv repairman just left and I have the problem with the power supply failing as well. Its going to cost $635 to repair it. This is ridiculous that a TV would die in 1 year. We paid $1300 of our hard earned money on this TV and barely got to even enjoy it. We just received a Panasonic 32in LCD as a wedding gift....if I get no resolution from Panasonic, then this new TV is being returned. I've lost my faith in the manufacturer

7ef2d37c, 2010-02-09, 12:08PM CST

I have the exact same model you have... and I bought it 12/08 and now 2/10 its dead... "blinking red light" when I turn the TV on. I paid about 1300 for the TV and I just sent email to Panasonic customer support hoping some resolution could be met.

but after reading your post - I'm skeptical...

I wished I knew about this problem. I'd spend my $1300 somewhere else...

931bfb82, 2010-03-22, 12:17PM CDT

I am so disappointed hearing about all these problems with Panasonic plama TVs. We have a Viera TH50PX75, and after 14 months the color went crazy, it looks like it's all in neon colors and irredescent shadows. It's out of warranty, no one will give you an estimate of what it costs to fix it, do we try to get it fixed or put it on the curb?

I can't believe that a $1400 TV is only supposed to last a year and a half?!? I am going to start with Sears (where i purchased the TV) and see what to do next. I am SO disappointed.

9a995417, 2010-09-19, 03:29PM CDT

I too have this problem with my Panasonic TH-50PZ80U plasma t.v. purchased from Sears.

I got the power on no picture or sound "2 blink" red light and you get a "10 blink" sequence after holding down the power button on the t.v. while the 2 blink sequence is happening. After hours of research and paying for expert advice on it has been concluded that the main power supply has bit the dust. What a surprise... anybody searching this issue on the web will be astonished at the frequency that this problem has accured but worse is the way that Panasonic is turning a blind eye to their responsibility and making the consumer foot the bill for an obviously faulty product. I foresee a lot of coverage on this story soon because I for one am not putting up with paying $1700.00 for a product that quits working after only 18 months of use. The only reason it lasted that long is probably because we turn off the power bar that it is plugged into every night.Any way our 20 year old crt t.v. is now the only thing we have to watch. Too bad Panasonic won't be getting any more of my business and you can bet everyone who is going through this will be telling everyone they know to stay clear of everything Panasonic. I bet they will be changing their name in the near future to cover their tracks!! Ok now it's time to send a note to Consumer Reports.

b235517a, 2010-10-14, 01:12PM CDT

In May of this year (2010) we purchased 2 Panasonic 42" Plasma flat screen for our living room & one for a bedroom.

This was done after reseaching & looking at many brands.....we had concluded for the money these were the best buy at the time.

They were purchased from the Best Buy Store on line--Best Buy delievered promptly & both TV's did have very decent pictures & 'seemed to be operating properly'....however at 4-1/2 months - the living room one started having blue lines spaced evenly apart rolling across the screen!

As per the 1 yr Warranty-we contacted Panasonic-they said 'no problem' just take it to a service center as: 42" and under TV's are NOT covered for IN HOME REPAIR - they MUST be taken to a Service Center by the Consumer! **This of course does not apply if your in Porta Rico or Canada-aren't we lucky to live in the US!

This led to several things - first there was NO service center in our area - so it required a 3 hr round trip for us to deliver the TV to a Service Center (who stated they had never had a Panasonic TV as yet to work on - so we are their first! Lucky Us!)

Next-after several weeks & tons of phone calls between us, the service center AND Panasonic-they CAN NOT provide an A Board for the repair....we said please just send us another TV - however Panasonic has "stalled & Flat Out Lied in every form possible to resolve anything or honor the Warranty" from producing the part or replacing the 4-1/2 month old television after 22 days of it sitting in a corner at the Service Center (which is really a guy's garge BTW!).....if you have seen the commercial of the guy named Peggy answering a phone in outer Siberia-you have a good idea what it has been like dealing with Panasonic! I talked to Nick, Laverne, Lavonda, Kanika, Antoinette & several others and am now waiting for a call from a Dexter which I have no faith will come-as Antoinette the supposed manager from the Virginia office said she'd call us twice already (swore on a stack of bibles & her 1st born) and never did call back! Nick said part was shipped-now they say they have no part....and it goes on & on! I was even told by one person that they may have to have the board maded in China & shipped here which could take many more weeks!

So everyone PLEASE take note-Panasonic is not a company you would wish to purchase from or deal with-I am hoping the 2nd TV makes it thru a few more months!

PS: We have had contact with Best Buy-we actually witnessed the BB tech being placed on hold by Panasonic & they were given a run around too!!

Kem H., 2014-07-26, 04:23AM CDT

I purchased a 50" Panasonic from HHGregg. A year and a haf out of warranty the 7 blink code appeared. Panasonic is useless with their customer support. They said to unplug it, wait, and try again after a few minutes. No luck. $1500 for a new tv is not cheap. I most likely will send this out for S, D, or U board replacement. The 7 blink code usually means one of these boards have failed. You think each board failure would have its own code. I'm back to using my 80's model console TV, which is also a Panasonic and works great. Panasonic really gets me P.O.'d. However, the outstanding picture this plasma tv gives forces me to get it repaired. TV was purchased Nov.2, 2011.

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