Tsukayu - Inferior product hard saddlebags

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 3:51am CDT by 289aa3d9

Product: Patrol saddlebags & batwing fairing

Company: Tsukayu

Location: not given

URL: http://www.tsukayu.com/

Category: Other

I own a 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner. I purchased this bike after getting fed up with the continual problems of my Harley Davidson Street Glide. However, I still wanted that cruiser look, so I began searching for a fairing that would work on my Liner. I found the website of a company called Tsukayu. They offered both the fairing and the hard saddlebags that were similar in style to Harley Davidsons. I ordered the batwing style fairing with stereo, as well as their Patrol saddlebags. Both items arrived about two weeks apart.

First, the problems with the fairing. The first thing I noticed was that there were scratches in the paint. Im not sure if they were from the shipping or not. Then, I saw a starburst-shaped crack right in the center top of the fairing. It was under the paint, so it definitely didnt happen during shipping. After several emails to the company, I was told they would ship me a new outer fairing. So, with the help of a friend, I went ahead and installed the fairing and stereo. One of the speakers wasnt wired up so we had to take it out and re-crimp the wires. The stereo wasnt mounted inside the fairing, which I didnt realize until I was driving down the road and the cover fell off. We had to pull the stereo out and figure out how to mount it. It keeps coming loose however, because it is not a very good design. Im not happy with the extra work that I had to do to make the stereo usable, and to replace the outer fairing.

Second, the problems with the saddlebags. When I unpacked the bags, the first thing I noticed was that the fiberglass was not level. It looked as if there were ripples in the finish. The lids looked as if they had dips in the fiberglass. The fiberglass fabrication was just not a professional job. The lock on one of the bags didnt line up correctly, so I had to hold it in place for it to lock. When I tried to mount the bags, the brackets were not long enough, even though I had paid extra for the bags to be bike-specific. If I had mounted the bags using the brackets supplied and the pre-drilled holes, the lids would not open because they would hit the seat. After several emails to the company, I decided to send the bags back as I was not happy with the way they looked. I had to pay for the shipping to their contact in Florida (Im in California). A week after they received the bags, I was finally given a refund. So the whole experience left me $70 poorer and I still dont have the bags I wanted on my bike.

I think the least they could do is refund the cost of shipping the bags, if for no other reason than all the work I have had to do to make the fairing usable.


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