Simpson Well - Rude & Nasty Attidtude

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 at 7:03pm CDT by fafc11e4

Company: Simpson Well

Location: Lockport, il, US

Category: Other

Although I am not complaining about his workmanship, I did find him very rude. When I called to follow up on a call, he said that he had other calls to make and have my husband call him. When he came out, i made the mistake of asking how much it would cost for a new well pump, he became extremely rude and told me he was doing me a favor! He asked if I had checked others out, well no I had no water and years ago he was nice.

I feel that he was not doing me a favor I was paying him, never at any time did I accuse him of cheating me.

I will never call him again, nor recommend him to anyone else ever! My husband even helped him and ran to the store to pay & pick up some parts! He yelled at me how people are unprepared?

I feel that as a consumer I am entitled to courtsey & respect, just as I was nice and din't go off on him,


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