Invicta Watch Group - Does Invicta Watch Company Care? No!

Posted on Sunday, June 28th, 2009 at 4:51pm CDT by a7f9fc54

Product: #1. Invicta Day/Date Quartz. #2. Invicta II Chronograph

Company: Invicta Watch Group

Location: 1 Invicta Way Hollywood, Florida 33021
Hollywood, Fl, 33021, US


Category: Other

Invicta does a massive amount of business on ShopNBC. I am a new comer to the watch scene and purchased two Invicta watches during the television shows. After less than three months wear on both watches, one fails to keep time and looses hours a day, while the other one is defective due to a very large piece of glue or adhesive that has broken off the watch dial.

Each watch costs $25 to send in for warranty. So the total would be $50 for both watches...which basically adds up to almost the price of another watch.

Two watches should not fail in less than 3 months. I have emailed Invicta to ask for either a discount or waiver of the warranty fees since both watches failed in such a short time. That was three weeks response whatsoever.

Next, I called "customer service" and I use this term very loosely. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. When I finally was able to get someone online, all I got for my troubles was to have my call transferred to another person who was not there.

I left a detailed voice message and a contact number. Guess what? No one has returned my calls.

I feel that Invicta does not stand behind its products, rather, they hide behind a wall of phone reps and a horrendous call waiting period probably in hopes of the customer giving up and going away. I was not one of them.

It is evident that although Invicta has a large market for its watches through television and ShopNBC, it has no intention of providing any resemblance of customer service or quality control in its products.

I would appreciate it if everyone would post this up in as many watch sites as possible to put pressure on Invicta to not only address this severe problem of ignoring its customers, but to also have better quality control on its products.

I am totally dissatisfied with Invicta's lack of customer service, and even more appalled at the shoddy products I received in my purchases from them.

Not everyone buys its high end watches that cost upwards of $500 or more. But Invicta's lack of care for its low end line speaks volumes about just what sort of company it is.

Eyal Lalo, the CEO of Invicta boasts proudly whenever he is on ShopNBC that Invicta is unsurpassed in price point and quality. I would respectfully disagree from personal experience on this.

Mr. Lalo, just what sort of an operation are you running when you cannot even stand behind your own products? I'll tell you what sort of company, its a company that neither my friends or myself will promote or buy from again.

I am not disputing that things sometimes happen in production. What I am concerned about and frustrated about is the seemingly lack of response and care for a legitimate problem that I have encountered with its watches.

Ignoring your consumer base is the first step in getting a bad reputation and the resulting effect of bad publicity and eventual slowing of sales.


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0ffc0571, 2009-10-03, 02:06PM CDT

you should take them to court under the moss-magnusun warrantee act.they can't charge a premium for repairs or anything to bring the watch back to working condtion.they probably won't want to send a lawyer so you win by default.also,go after them by contacting heads of nbc.maybe you could write to jay leno,comparing them to poorly built cars[yugo's].it might spark some fire under lylo's ass,for letting this go on if he actually knows about it.or call in during the watch presentations and complain about your watch after you first tell them you want to comment on your watch collection.

good luck!!!!!!

16a8caa2, 2009-11-03, 01:41PM CST

I sent my watch back to Hollywood FL and yes it was signed for and delivered to the correct location. I have confirmed this twice now with Fed Ex and spent hrs. and hrs. on hold with the (business center) that absolutely has no care in the world. They have told me three different stories now and none are true at all. I guess I will just never get my watch back and I would highly reccomend not EVER buying an INVICTLESS watch ever from anywhere. IF you dare ship it to them for a repair you will never see it again. GURANTEED!

fe07224e, 2009-12-13, 10:18AM CST

I got a watch through Overstock puts a note inside the watch box and under all other papers that if their tag is removed you must return to Invicta for repair. Didn't see the note until I took off the tag, which is necessary to remove the wrapping to see if the watch is ok. Well, my watch was off by over 5 minutes a day. I wore it 4 hours. I sent it to Invicta, it arrived in the 28th of October, 09, and now its Dec 13th and I still have not gotten it back I called and they said it was sent in for service. I guess service is in China. I agree, $25 to get an in new watch repaired is insane, and the wait time... Invicta stinks.

d4f61284, 2010-01-13, 11:18PM CST

You are not the only one to be had by Invicta, there are thousands of unhappy customers that have recieved defective watches from this company and they refuse to up hold the warranties.

Invicta quality has gone down so much I refuse to purchase from them and have sold all but two that I did own after one of their dive watches leeked in only three feet of water and yes the crown was screwed down.It was a $700.00 plus watch!

a355be25, 2010-01-21, 11:11AM CST

I fully agree with what you said about Invicta. This company is cheating customers. I can't understand why carries this brand. Horrible horrible!

2ad3c0bc, 2010-02-28, 11:18PM CST

I couldn't agree with you more. I was very impressed by the shows on ShopNBC. I bought 3 different Invicta watches in less than 6 months.

My rose tone Pro Diver automatic watch gave me trouble after only 7 months. I have several watches, and when they are not being worn, all of my watches sit in their boxes in a drawer. This one was no exception.

The crown stopped working; I could not set the time, I could not wind the watch. And when I turned the crown counter-clockwise, it completely unscrewed from the watch.

I sent it to Invicta, ticked that I had to pay $25 to have a 7-month-old watch fixed.

They claim they tried to contact me twice, but nobody ever called or emailed. Instead, they sent my watch back--still broken--and said I needed to pay them $15 to replace the crown, plus another $28 for shipping (their price increased $3 in the timeframe between my sending it back the first and second times).

I called customer service and asked why I should pay $15 to repair a crown; that that should be covered under the warranty. The guy explained that the warranty only covers the watch mechanism. I asked him how, if the crown is broken and I cannot wind the watch or set the time, Invicta honestly believes a crown does not constitute part of the "watch mechanism." He of course had no answers.

I am a pretty astute guy when it comes to making purchases; I do a lot of homework before I commit my dollars. Many people saw my rose tone watch and commented on how much they loved it. I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about my horror story with Invicta, because at the end of the day, I ended up paying more to repair the watch than I ever paid to buy it in the first place.

I did tell the customer service rep at Invicta that I know a lot of people. And I am going to go on a campaign to tell everyone not to buy Invicta watches. That they are cheap and the company does not stand behind their product. I am seriously considering adding a tagline to my email signature that tells people not to buy Invicta watches.

Eyal Lalo always sounds so convincing on ShopNBC, and Jim Skelton does a great job selling watches. If I can't get good service on a watch that ran me $100, there's no way I would EVER spend several thousand bucks on a Reserve Invicta. I'll buy a Tag, Breitling or Rolex instead, and at least know I'm actually getting a quality product from a company that stands behind its product.

Not only has Invicta lost me as a customer, but they now have me out in the world bad-mouthing their product. And I know I'm not alone.

06a1d22b, 2010-03-04, 10:54PM CST

Yes... I too have been given the run-around by the Invicta repair dept. i purchased an Invicta watch (it was over 200.00)about 3 years ago. After 11 months of service two of the numbers on the dial face came loose and were bouncing around on the face. I sent the watch back to Invicta and they repaired it. 18 months later it has happened again. Yes the numbers became detached on the dial face. I have sent the watch back for repair along with 20.00 in December (3 1/2 months ago). They have cashed my check but will not return my repeated e-mails and telephone calls.


44ac3c02, 2010-03-09, 09:46PM CST

I doubt if you only paid a mere $100 for an invicat, you even have the funds to purchase a Rolex. So please.. get over yourself.

I own over 25 Invicta, Only 1 ever became "damaged" after I accidentally slipped and smashed the watch into a concrete surface, chipping the bezel. the watch however runs like a champ. As do all my others some everyday 150 watches, and my finer divers, and reserves priced 350-750.

The thing I find annoying is, shop nbc's customer service! god help you if they send you the wrong watch.. try and recify THAT.. he said METEOR DIAL so i bought it.. but knew noway could it be at that price.. it wasnt.. after arguing, they ran their air tapes and found he did indeed say meteor and replaced my watch, and paid return shipping.

I will tell you this however, owning both low priced and higher priced models.. the cheaper are OK for gifts under 100 bucks.. but go with the mid range to higher stuff..

2ad3c0bc, 2010-03-09, 10:42PM CST

><I doubt if you only paid a mere $100 for an invicat, you even have the funds to purchase a Rolex. So please.. get over yourself.>>

Shows how much YOU know. I own 2 Rolex watches--a Submariner and the new Datejust II.

I'm glad that you have had a good experience with Invictas, but I'll never purchase another one.

2ad3c0bc, 2010-03-10, 08:21PM CST

Shows how much YOU know. I own 2 Rolexes--a Sub and a new Datejust II. Despite having these two, I still enjoy buying lower-cost watches if they look good, but I expect them to actually WORK.

It's nice that you have had some good experiences with Invicta products. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

8d99500c, 2010-03-30, 12:53PM CDT

3-30-10: Just got my watch back from Invicta today after a 4 MONTH repair time! What needed replacing? The watch face crystal cracked ALL ON ITS OWN after 2 weeks worth of wear. They charged me $25 for the shipping AND $40 for the crystal. I told them I had bought it two weeks ago off of Amazon but they protested and claimed that the warranty was invalid. Strike 1.

I contacted Invicta two times via email and about 7 times via phone. On the last phone call, I asked (again and again and again I asked I should say) where my watch was. They said it should had arrived already but they would put a request in to their supervisor for follow-up. That was a week ago and I have not heard back since. Strike 10.

Every time I contacted customer service, the rep either mispronounced my name (calling me by my last name first) or played stupid or transferred me to another rep's voicemail which was full! Oh yeah: that was when I could get ahold of a rep; sometimes I waited 30 minutes and still got no one. Other times my call to a rep went through immediately and then I was directed to the full voice mail box, which disconnected me, then called back only to put on hold for 30 minutes.

Invicta is the WORST COMPANY in terms of customer service and their product is definitely substandard. If my Invicta watch breaks again, I am throwing it out and buying from another company.

And FYI: the watch cost $400, with a MSRP 1 year ago of $2300 (that's NOT a typo).

I have reported Invicta to the Better Business Bureau of Florida. I encourage you all to do the same. Presently, they have a D + rating from the BBB! Wish I would have known that to begin with.

bade0fda, 2010-05-05, 07:38AM CDT

Here is my recent experience with Invicta: On Monday, April 20, 2010, I call your 1-866 number. The first customer service rep would not answer my simple inquires. I needed the address and to whom I should send this info to. I asked to speak to another rep and was on hold for over 1 hours. However, I called on my cell phone at the same time I was calling from my house phone and the cell phone call was picked up within 5 minutes. I spoke with a service rep named Erwin (if that is his real name) on extension 1125 (if that extension exist) and I asked him the question as to where and whom I send my watch to be repaired. His response was all that info in on-line and I should look it up. I told him that was unacceptable and I needed the full address. Here is what he gave me.

Invicata Company

22068 Tarfic Blvd

Hollywood, CA 330223

After I spoke with him, I went on line and discovered the address he gave me was INCORRECT and NOT ONE OF THEM MENTIONED THE $28 THAT I HAD TO SUBMIT TO COVER THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

We own over 30 invicta watches and are HIGH disappointed in the customer service I experience today.

I would like for someone to contact to to discuss this matter."

I have sent various e-mails and as of date NO ONE HAS CONCATED ME!


2f52bd9b, 2010-06-19, 11:25PM CDT

I agree with all the letters above that I have read. Invicta loves to sell watches. ShopNBC loves the money they make selling Invictas.

But the truth is, their service center sucks. I have over two dozen Invicta watches, including 4 Sub Aqua Nomas, a diamond meteorite, and on-and-on crap I

bought from Invicta thinking that my five-year warranty would be honored.

Didn't happen. The first Invicta I bought from ShopNBC was a copper-faced Lupah that I truely loved. The minute sub-dial quit working. I returned it with $20 for repair over 3 months ago.

I got it back and not only was the sub-dial not repaired, but the sweep second hand didn't work. I sent it back. After several phone calls, most of which went unanswered and unreturned, I received my watch back. The sub-dial still doesn't work. I give up. I wasted 20 bucks and the cost of sending my watch back twice.

Screw Invicta Watches and their whore, Jim Skelton. He has to know that Invicta's warranty is a farce. And if you don't know it, Jim, sue me and let's get it out in the open. Let's tell the world of your lies. And those

of your employer, ShopNBC.

a7f9fc54, 2010-07-26, 07:30PM CDT


I am the original author of this complaint thread and it occurred to me that Invicta not only has a wide consumer base that is totally dissatisfied with its product and services, but are mad as hell and won't take it anymore. (Thanks to the film "Network" for this memorable quote.)

Invicta is in violation of warranty laws in various states which state that any repairs made on a product under warranty should be done in a reasonable amount of time. Typically, this means 2-weeks time. If the work is not done within this period of time, you may have the right to *demand* a replacement watch until the original item is repaired or cancel your order (via credit card for most of us).

I am sure that there are many who would like to see a class action lawsuit filed against Invicta Group. Since this company is obviously unconcerned with the complaints consumers have registered against it about its faulty products, (and while I'm at it, how about a class action suit including ShopNBC?) a lawsuit seems to be the perfect thing to bring against a company that has sold defective watches to the public in addition to not following through on its "warranty" service.

What I would like to know is if there are any able-bodied lawyers out there who would like to take on the monstrosity that is called Invicta and file a class action lawsuit against it?

The rewards for you could be astounding as the Invicta Group has literally sold millions of watches to consumers, and if my guess is right, a good deal of them have had problems with Invictas and its non-existent warranty service.

They have charged "processing and handling fees" to buyers of their watches and have not fulfilled their obligations in repairing broken and faulty watches. This would also include the thousands of watch customers who have simply just thrown away their watches because they broke and did not want to pay the ridiculous $25 "processing" fee.

This class action suit would have to be filed on a pro bono basis as the reward for the lawyer(s) would be the charges you would recoup upon winning this case; a case, by the way, that could be lucrative for the law firm while providing justice and satisfaction to disgruntled Invicta watch buyers.

So if there is anyone out there who would like to take Invicta on, post here and let's get the ball rolling and make Invicta pay.

8a0b09f2, 2010-08-09, 11:06AM CDT

I bought a Invicta watch from Shopnbc and I took the 6 payments billed to my card. The watch had a problem with water getting into it and there was a vapor on the inside of the dail. They said I had to give them $20.00 for shipping and handeling. Well if the watch didn't allow the water to get in then I wouldn't have to pay to send it back now would I spoke with a customer serverice rep who said he was the General Manger and said he would speed up the repair process from 90 days to 60.They say he's no longer with the company so I get a women named Maria now that claims she is the head of customer service. She now tells me that they have to keep the watch for the 90 days due some unseen action that she will not say. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. no phone call just emails

324373b8, 2010-08-19, 08:41PM CDT

This is only the first of about a thousand Emails I'm going to send everyday.

"This is the first time in my life I have paid this much money for something and CHARGED TO SHIP IT BACK TO ME ????????


Kind of a Company that Offers a Product they say is the best in the

world, Then it falls apart 8 mos later and will cost me more money to

have it fixed with the return shipping while it's under warranty.


is the most disgusting business practice I have ever encountered. I

will never buy another one of these garbage watches again, I would buy a

Timex or Casio long long before I ever pay for one of these again. They

don't charge me to send a broken watch back to me after they fix it.


now on it's Omega and Luminox only they never break but when they do

they don't even let me pay to send it, Either one. They send you all you

need to ship it back to them and then WOW like a Christmas miracle it

comes back to you just about the time you start to wonder whats going on

with it.

You know I loved this watch until I spoke with the first

rude person in customer service today... You should call it Customer

Extortion. I find it hard to believe a company that says they have such

Family value's treating Customers who Pay such amounts of for a

precision time piece should be treated with more respect and not made to

pay for what is so obviously the company's fault, Charging $28 to ship

it back to me because you have to send it over seas because it wasn't

built properly in the first place sounds a lot like Extortion to me.


In Closing I will be shipping this watch back to have it fixed and will

pay only one time because this watch was a gift from my mother before

she passed away, But I will NEVER buy an Invicta Product for the Rest of

my life, I will gladly Pay $2,200 For another Omega to wear but this

Invicta will be put in the closet until I am over her Death and feel OK

about selling it because I know she would want me to take it out and

smash it if she were here but I have to recoup my money for shipping it

back to me. "

So if anyone is interested in the class action Law suite I know of 5 other people willing to sign up so let me know. [email protected]

I will also be looking for an attorney tomorrow to see about starting one, If I find someone I will post back on here, seeing as how they have a BBB rating of an F now it shouldn't be to hard.

8cf0205e, 2010-08-27, 04:27PM CDT

Let me add my two cents or should I say $500 for what it's worth. After I purchased an invicta watch for $500 on shopNBC, one month later, the second hand fell off. I sent the watch (if I can even call it that) to invicta in Hollywood, FL. along with $28 for return shipping. Invicta signed for the watch, sent it in for repairs and 11 weeks later I heard nothing so I called the 888 number, but no answer. I left email messages on Invicta's eservice but still no response. Then I filed a complaint with the BBB. The BBB couldn't get a response from invicta either. After the complaint however, I found that I couldn't login to my invicta account. Aparently Invicta or an Invicta employee is trying to steal $500 from me. Of course I will be taking legal action but for anyone considering an Invicta, keep your money in your pocket.

680eaa16, 2010-08-28, 08:53AM CDT

It seems that many of these complaints have in common ShopNBC. STOP SHOPPING WITH SHOPNBC!!!!

If you buy a $100 watch, unless its a Timex, you will get about year's wear.

If you want a cheap watch that holds up, buy a Timex. Most of the time you really get what you pay for, most of the time.

324373b8, 2010-09-06, 07:07PM CDT

I am seeking a lawyer now and will post here soon, I don't care If I have to pay out of pocket to get these bastards they will go down, for gods sake they have a BBB rating of an F+, thats a really hard one to get, I don't know why it hasn't been done yet so im starting it if I have to.

f09db999, 2010-09-07, 02:40PM CDT

Don't do business with Invicta or Shopnbc. I have an I Force Master that the chronograph has never worked properly. After paying the extortion money ($28.00) I sent it in for repair back in June. Received it back on Aug 28 still not working properly. I contacted the "lack of service" dept. and they told me that it would only cost me another $14.00 to ship it back to them. So after spending $190.00 for the watch, $28.00 to get it fixed, $14.00 for shipping, my advice to anyone thinking of buying invicta, don't waste your money. And shopnbc was of no help at all.

279d314c, 2010-09-16, 05:02AM CDT

i totally agree with your comments I too have bought a lot of watches from invicta through shop nbc I have had to return two of them for repair and a third just failed on me thats three in less than a year. I should not have to pay a dime for shipping and handleing if i am under warrenty with this company It only cost $5.95 to send through ups I was told i had to pay $25.00 in case the watch has to be sent to the swiss for repair That is a crock

aba6a6d3, 2010-11-07, 01:56PM CST

I am also the unhappy owner of an invicta watch which I received as a gift. After several weeks of wearing the watch on an intermittent basis the finsih on the band stasrted to deteriorate. When I advissed the seller and Invicta I was told that the band was not covered under warranty and could be replaced for a fee. What a joke - bands on a watch costing this much shouldn't wear to bear metal in a matter of weeks. Several phone calls and email messages have yet to yield a response from Invicta. I'm glad there are still companies like Seiko, Pulsar and Casio in the market. Last time anyone in my group buys/gives/gets an Invicta watch!!

6c1ae983, 2010-11-07, 06:36PM CST

Invicta Watch Company of America

Corporate Headquarters

ATTN: Mr. Abraham Lalo, Owner

1 Invicta Way (3069 Taft St)

Hollywood, FL 33021

RE: Invicta Men's 5748 Force Flight - Model 5748

Case # 87441 and Case # 94517

Dear Mr. Lalo:

My son received a new Invicta watch as a gift in the Spring. Out of the box it was defective.

We had to pay to ship it to Invicta in July.

We then had to pay a $28 service (?) fee.

The watch was returned end of October, and it still had the same defect.

We shipped it back to Invicta.

Invicta asked for another $28.

Many long phone-calls, many dollars, many many weeks, and still no end in sight!

The story begins months ago in the Spring when my son received what appeared to be a very nice watch as a birthday gift from his mother. Immediately he wanted to set it to the correct time/date. Problem was that when he turned the crown, I could see that the hour minute-hand moved but the hour-hand did not, or vice-versa. This resulted in the hour-hand being 'out of synch' with the minute-hand. For example, when he was able to get the minute-hand to 12, the hour-hand would be NOT right on an hour numeral, but rather somewhere in between. There was no way to set this watch to the correct time. My first thought was that the watch was defective and should be replaced.

It took some perseverance and a great deal of time, but when I was finally able to get someone at Invicta to answer our call, the Service Department suggested that we send them the watch with a note.

We typed up a note clearly describing the problem, then packed up the watch and the note, paid the shipping fee, and off it went to Invicta in Florida. By then, it was already July (2010). The case was assigned # 87441.

A week or so later, we received a letter from Invicta asking for $55 service fee.

I called and, after waiting on hold for an extended period, I spoke with Erwin Lima (elima(at) and explained that the watch was brand new, fresh out of its gift-box, and clearly was defective. I also explained that no mention of such proof-of-purchase had been made during my earlier conversation reporting the problem, but he insisted that it was necessary. Luckily his mother was able to locate the proof-of-purchase, so we copied it and mailed it.

About a week later, we received a note from Invicta asking for $28.

I called and, after waiting on hold for an extended period, I spoke with someone and explained once again that the watch was brand new, fresh out of its gift-box, and clearly was defective, and that paying ANYTHING to have it behave like a new watch was difficult to accept. They insisted that the watch had to be sent to Switzerland, and there was no waiving the fee. I relented and sent my cheque for $28 to Invicta.

Several weeks later (mid-September) I called and, after waiting on hold for an extended period, I spoke with someone (Millie?) to get a status on the watch. I was told that the estimated repair/return time was 90 days (!) so would I please be patient.

Fast-forward to last week in October: a package showed up in our mailbox, and my son eagerly opened it up, took out the watch (his 6-months-late birthday present), then sat down to set it to the correct time. Much to our amazement and disappointment, the watch displayed the same symptoms: when turning the crown, the hour-hand turns independently of the minute-hand; impossible to set the time. Here we were, after all numerous lengthy phone conversations, money spent and sent, and several months passed, and the watch either had not been repaired, or it had been replaced with a similarly defective model! Unbelievable! Raphael Picard must be turning in his grave with the shame and dishonor brought upon his famous Invicta name-brand !

So, back to the phone! After waiting on hold for an extended period, I spoke with someone, explained the long, sad story. Whoever it was agreed that this should not have happened, and he said that he would email us a pre-paid return FedEx mailing label. By the following Tuesday and still no label, I called once again. After waiting on hold for an extended period, I spoke with Brian. Pretty much a repeat of my previous conversation, at the conclusion of which he promised me a pre-paid return FedEx mailing label, assuring me that Yes, I would get it.

And I did. Thank you, Brian. We printed out the mailing label, packed up the watch in the box it came in, and took it to FedEx for shipping. The new case assigned is now 94517. Why a new case? I don't know.

Three days later, we receive an email from Erwin Lima asking for the $28 shipping and handling fee !

Next day, back on the phone. After waiting on hold for an extended period, I got to speak with Erwin. I explained my long long long and sad sad sadder story, after which he let me know that the fee would be waived.

I thanked him, but also requested that he email me a recap of our conversation to confirm, in writing, what had been discussed and agreed. He said he would 'see that I would get an email' or some such. This was last Friday, and so far (Sunday), I have received no such email, not from Erwin nor from anyone else at Invicta.

I am hoping against hope that the watch will be repaired and returned soon. Best would be that my son receive a NEW watch, and a written apology for all this unprofessional and unethical behavior from Invicta.

It is indeed difficult to reconcile the comportment of the 'new' Invicta Watch Group with Invicta's founding principles and the high-standards maintained in past years.

It took a great deal of time and effort for me to draft this letter to you, Mr. Lalo. I am hopeful this too long and too sad story will have, at long last, a happy ending. Please let me know what you can do to rectify this deplorable situation.




Mr. Eyal Lalo, CEO

Ms Nadia Lalo, Secretary

Mr. Gany Lalo-Cohen, Vice President

Ms. Roxsana Guzman, Asst. Mgr.

Mr. Erwin Lima


Tourneau at Fashion Valley Mall,

7007 Friars Road, Suite 358A, San Diego, CA 92108

Invicta Watch Latin America

PO Box 949, Colon Free Zone , Colon, Republic of Panama

E-mail: invictasa(at)

Invicta Watch Europe

Kronenburgpark 12a, 5321 JM hedel, The Netherlands

E-mail: iwe(at)

b68c3a21, 2010-11-22, 09:10PM CST

bought an Invicta watch from an authorized dealer and within the first 6 month the band was broken. If you ask my wife, she will tell you that I treated this watch better than I treat my own children !

I called the company to complain and of course the band is not covered but what is a watch without a band?? at any rate i called customer service and they are very polite and empathetic but they just say sorry we can't help you, I have to pay $58 for the stupid band. I asked for a supervisor, no supervisor. I asked for an 800 number to complain, doe s not exist. I asked for an email or just an address, just the ones posted on the website and of course they don't go anywhere...

I guess its the business model , sell good looking stuff and the hell with customer service. In other words, "snatch" business. Very sad because I really love this watch. I hung up and I tried to overcome my anger with no luck. About 2 months after I gave up and said I will pay the damn $58 and don't look back. After placing the order, the rep. tells me as part of the "disclouser" that it may take up to 90 days to get the band !!!!!!!!

pay all that money for the stupid watch that does not last then pay another $58 for the band then wait without a watch for 90 days ..(*^%#$#&%^&*^*&(*


2d6aa3ad, 2010-12-26, 10:04AM CST

I bought 3 invictas. First for wife proved no problem 2nd pretty expensive and after about five years lost braacelet pin and piece of bracelet.Local jewelry store said had to mail it to invicta with set money in envelope to warranty section retail on watch was close to 3. 7 cents safety pin worked wonders.Bought new invicta had to wind every day;IT QUIT//Our state has state sales tax 10%//no state income tax plus military store no tax and 10% Army credit to buy 4 Rolaid watches for nephew and nieces.77// got it but not for what I lost on others

b1de0a0f, 2011-01-19, 11:28AM CST

i Purchased 2 of the most beautiful watches i have ever seen in my life both NEW!

these watches were Invicta Sub Aqua Noma Reserve Valjoux 7750

there was only 500 made of the titanium one and 3000 made of the gunmetal one.

Spending 1400 FOR BOTH, WHICH IS A STEAL really just for the movements alone, i couldnt wait to get these things in my hands.

DAY 1, one of them arrives, the gunmetal one, i inspect it and notice a small debris is in the dial, how could they let that slip through, i immediately send it in for has been 2 months now and i still do not have the watch back!!!!

want me to get to the other one?

The titanium one arrives the same day i mailed out the Gun metal one, i notice that the chronograph hand does not index up perfectly with the 12, actually..its way off...about 3 notches off....WOW...

i didnt send it in because i just bought these watches and i figured i could deal with it, because i didnt want to be out of it for so long.

2 new HIGH END models 1400 dollars spent, both had issues, 3 months and still not back yet..

the quality of these watches i have bought is absolutely incredible,(easily rivals ANY watch 5 thousand dollars or more) but: these issues are huge, they could have been avoided if their QUALITY CONTROL had MORE ATTENTION!

I really wish they would do something to turn around their company, they have some beautiful designs. i think they need a kick in the right direction and perhaps a lawsuit would make them improve as a company.

I have to say, i will keep these watches for life, i love them, but i wont be dealing with Invicta any longer, and if something happens with these watches, ill take them to be serviced elsewhere, being a Valjoux movement, im confident any reputable watch service center can repair or replace them.

30fe4ea3, 2011-03-15, 04:04AM CDT

Im in on a class action lawsuit. bought one on rue la la and it filled with water the first time i went 10m well i sent it in and since i found it on deep discount they want me to go on and find one for the same price i paid. this is a reserve watch and they want me to take less than i origionally had... i have 50$ watches that are much much better watches and without the crappy service.... oh yea they have had it since NOV 15 and its now MAR 15 they toldme after i sent it in they could repair it, to tell me in Jan I would have it back by Feb 17 and on Mar 10 they told me it couldnt be repaired...what gives...NOT INVICTA WATCHES....Stay AWAY!!

df0e8b5d, 2011-04-27, 10:23AM CDT

My wife was also has an Invicta watch that died after

TWO weeks and they want us to pay $25 to send it back...WHAT!! Now we are out $100.

7314974c, 2011-05-04, 10:07AM CDT

This is a cut/paste of my emial to Invicta Cust. Svc. (I deleted the last two digits of the case number and my contact data)

Customer Service Complaint:

Case:# 993--

To whom it may concern;

I have a $69 Invicta watch I purchased on Shop NBC.

The Watch never kept accurate time---losing almost 20 minutes a day.

In JANUARY 2011, --I submitted the watch for repair (it was only worn once and in like new condition).

It is now May 4th. ---I have not received my watch back, and no phone/email notification by Invicta.

In Addition, the two times Ive contacted customer service---Ive been provided differing expected return dates, --both of which have proved inaccurate.

This is an unreasonable amount of time.

I would like my $28 dollars refunded----and, if the watch cannot be repairedto replace with a new version of the same model.

Actually---replacing the watch is the appropriate action ---at this point.

Or, reimburse me the $28 repair, and the $69 watch price and Ill take my future business elsewhere.

7b2edc70, 2011-06-16, 11:51AM CDT

There Warranty department is ABSOLUTELLY rediculous!!!!!! I have sent the same watch in over 5 times for the same defect, and they refuse to replace it and keep charging me $58 dollars to repair.......

dafdb3a3, 2011-10-12, 08:12PM CDT

I received an Invicta Automatic watch as a gift. Excellent watch keeps perfect time.

However I noticed that the key that sets the date and time has to be pushed in and turned to make it waterproof. It needs to be tried several times before it sits in place and I was sure that the threads would give way soon.

Now in about 3 years the key refuses to sit in and I don't know what to do.

I fthey can make a good looking that keeps accurate time, I do not see any reason for this poor design making it a DO NOT BUY WATCH?

63b19c04, 2011-12-29, 01:09PM CST

I have the same AWEFUL experience

I called and got the message that it will be fixed under warranty

I was pissed about the $28 shipping @handling

After I had not heard anything for 3 weeks I called and they told me not covered and ineed to pay $120



af9637e2, 2012-08-09, 01:59PM CDT

Check out our website. We started this site because we too are tired of the poor support from Invicta. The site is new, but if you have a question that we don't address, then email us. You may even qualify for a free repair if we use your watch for a tutorial.

Richard Sanchez, 2014-09-10, 10:38PM CDT

On June 9th of this year I called to purchase some screws (for the bracelet)as one fell out and lost (Sub Aqua Noma model 9801). I called and after waiting a full 30+ minutes on hold, I was able to place and pr-pay for the screws. I called back about 3 weeks later, and was told that it would take up to 90 days for get the screws as they were not in stock. Okay, the 90 days were up yesterday. I called again and waited over 35 minutes this time for them to tell me, you have to send in the watch for repair. I don't need to send in the watch. I can install the screw myself in 10 seconds. Their customer service is HORRENDOUS. They have a poor attitude regarding your customers Mr. Lalo.

I was a customer service manager for 4 years. The front line of a large company like yours, is your Customer Service Representatives. This is one of the important ways a company is judged. If customer service is poor, it hurts your bottom line. Word gets around quickly.

#0075976 is my Invicta confirmation number I received. Please look it up and you will see I am telling the truth. I pr-paid $10.00 for the screws. I really don't care about the money. I need the screws I requested.

To date I own over 26 watches, and several of them are Invicta brand name. I am wearing my Invicta Venom Reserve as of this writing. At this point in time, I don't know if I will purchase another Invicta thru Shop HQ. I also sent a similar e-mail to Tim Temple. Thank you, Richard A. Sanchez, Sr.

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