Digitel telecommunications Philippines, Inc. - Unsatisfied service

Posted on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 1:53pm CDT by de39f2b2

Product: Dsl

Company: Digitel telecommunications Philippines, Inc.

Location: PH

URL: http://digitelone.com

Category: Other

Actually I experience this unsatisfying service since I switch from Smart telecoms to Digitel.

It happen a week after i switch when my line was full of RTO's and a very slow connection. I called them to troubleshoot my line but it took a week and still no answers from the company. I decided to change house and ask them to transfer my line. But it took a month and still counting, and still don't have my line until now! So i bought a cable wires and improvised a way to use my internet line cause my house was just 4 blocks away.

I still keep on calling them to transfer my line or just give me an explanation why they still don't transfer it.

then right now, i had a problem again.

My internet line suddenly slows its connection, well actually it's really slow in the morning..to think that my internet line is 512mbs.

So i called the service center to report and troubleshoot my line. A call representative named Crissa answered my call. She keeps saying to me to do things which i did and hung up the phone which really upsets me. I called again but it took 30mins before someone answered it. I feel so bad. I am a customer and i am paying. Why can't they do their job well? I always experience this every week. and they fixed if after 2 days.

So i advise the people who want to get an internet connection at home in the Philippines not to get Digitel services. You will just feel bad and pissed everyday.


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