Royal Volkswagen - Royal/David Maus VW - Poorly trained techs & unreliable vehicle

Posted on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 10:18pm CDT by 297cbea4

Product: Volkswagen Touareg, 2005, V8 model

Company: Royal Volkswagen

Location: 1050 Lee Rd
Orlando, FL, 32819, US


Category: Other

I am an officer in the US Army currently deployed to Afghanistan. At the moment, my wife is forced to deal with this situation without my assistance and little cooperation from Royal/David Maus Volkswagen. They have been terrible to deal with. I have contacted management directly via email in the past with no reply. During the summer and fall 2008 (prior to my current deployment), my 2005, V8, Volkswagen Touareg (a top of the line VW product) was having trouble starting. Something was draining the battery overnight, causing the car not to start in the morning. This happened repeatedly with no apparent reason. No headlights or other accessories were left on overnight. Finally, after being stranded somewhere, we took the vehicle in to Royal Volkswagen (now David Maus Volkswagen North) for a look. I had been bringing my vehicle there regularly for routine service. Once they were able to replicate the problem, they went through the painstaking and expensive process of replacing the battery, thinking that was the problem. They claimed to diagnose and troubleshoot the entire the electrical system as well. After a few weeks, the same problem returned. The car would not start. Something was still draining the battery overnight. When I returned the car, they stated IT WAS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY SERVICE WARRANTY because there was no way to determine if this was the same problem or something new that was wrong with the car. I immediately thought that either the technicians were poorly trained or Volkswagen made a terrible product that even their own service technicians could not fix. I found it also reasonable to assume that the battery was not the problem in the first place and may not have needed replacement. Of course, the dealership would not state their position either way. With no way to prove that and after ANOTHER expensive bill of approximately $1,400, we took the car home and it seemed run fine again. I then deployed to Afghanistan in January 2009. Since my departure to the combat zone I am currently in, the very same problem has occurred again. The car would not start. You could only imagine my wife's frustration and disgust with this dealership at this point. We had to bring it back to them because they knew the history of the problem. We got the same answer that the previous work WAS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY SERVICE WARRANTY because there was no way to determine if this was the same problem or something new that was wrong with the car. Now I am convinced that either Volkswagen makes a poor product that constantly breaks, or the service technicians at Royal/David Maus Volkswagen are poorly trained and unable to properly repair my car, or both. But I am deployed and my wife needs a car so, after ANOTHER bill of $1,200, they give us our car back. As my wife is driving home, the car alerts her to immediately stop and pull over. Fortunately, she was close to home and was able to pull into our driveway. The car was alerting her that the radiator fluid was low. Apparently, the radiator or some component had broken and caused the fluid to leak out. Clearly, my wife is outraged at this point due to the fact that our car has broken down again after just receiving it back from the dealership. When she called Royal/David Maus Volkswagen, they had the audacity to state again that there was no way to determine if the current problem was related to the fact that we just drove the vehicle out of their service station less than an hour earlier. They could have just kicked us in the stomach instead - it would have had the same effect. So again I am thinking, are the technicians poorly trained or does Volkswagen make a product that is so unreliable that I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.? We had to have the car TOWED back to the service station, where it now sits, unable to determine what the extent of our next bill will be. The car is out of warranty due to mileage, but we have the service records to prove that we have maintained this car very well and have performed practically all of the routine maintenance services recommended for the vehicle. The Volkswagen Touareg is a top of the line VW product. I find it simply unacceptable that this Volkswagen product is of such poor quality that all of these items continue to fail, time after time, causing the battery to continue to drain and the car not to start. It seems reasonable to me that the dealership has service technicians that are poorly trained and are unable to trouble shoot my vehicle. This has caused me several thousand dollars in service repairs for the same problem for which they are unwilling to bear any responsibility. Now a new problem has arisen with the radiator within an hour of driving the vehicle away from the dealership and they again are unwilling to bear any responsibility. I they are acting in their own best interests and not that of the customer and are well aware of the fact that I am not present to assist my wife with this situation while I am deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. I am seeking full refund of all previous service fees that failed to remedy the recurring issue that caused my car not to start, and an accurate determination as to what caused my radiator to fail within an hour of departing from their dealership. This issue has wasted a tremendous amount of my time and my wifes time, and had caused a terrible distraction for me while I am trying to stay focused on my current task of protecting our country and keeping soldiers safe. After working 7 days a week, without a day off in 6 months, it is unfortunate that I have to spend what little time I do have trying to help my wife with this issue from the other side of the planet. Please help.


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efa60213, 2009-08-13, 09:37AM CDT

Try contanting Volkswagen of America at 1-800-822-8987 or send them an e-mail stating the problem at Good luck.

25b9265e, 2010-09-16, 08:25PM CDT

They say they're technicians are ASE certified but after talking to atleast 2 techs that are currently employed there, i doubt that even 50 percent of their technicians are actually ASE certified in any aspect of automobiles. When they became David Maus i suddenly noticed over half the technicians that i knew to be knowledgeable were now gone. Something is definitely wrong with that establishment. Oh, and not to mention "whatever it takes" means whatever it takes to get the most out of your wallet. This place is certainly not even in the same ballpark as they used to be. I now take my VW's to Full Throttle except for warranty repairs.

2632037f, 2011-02-23, 01:46PM CST

You should look into the Florida Lemon Law which may give you some type of relief.

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